Editor's Picks February 11th-14th

“Let the beauty we love be what we do.”

I have been thinking about this Jalal al-din Rumi quote recently, as I have gotten more and more busy going to shows, listening to recorded music from Shanghai, and writing about what I see and hear. I have that ex-pat syndrome where you are at a job during the day, searching the city for kicks at night, and then waking up bleary-eyed, dragging yourself back to the day job, wondering if the previous night’s excursion was only a fantastic dream. It’s not a terrible way to live, but I feel like the protagonist in the movie The Good Night. In it, this man falls in love with a woman he has dreamed about repeatedly and decides to spend his life sleeping, so as to be with her as much as possible. He meets a woman in “real life” who looks just like her, but the interaction is not the same. I feel like my day job is “real life” and the music is the “nice dream.” At some point I begin to wonder where the true reality is, and where my allegiances lie. It’s something to think about as we slip into the Year of the Tiger here in China. May your New Year be filled with all the beauty you can stand. And may it be what you stand for.

This week I will be away from the scene for a bit. Let’s hope I don’t go into withdrawal. Enjoy the weekend’s events, such as they are.

Thursday, February 11th

The People’s Republic of Chinatown, 7:30-11:30

This could be an interesting event. It is a film about the trials and tribulations experienced in opening Shanghai’s first burlesque club since the 1930s. Bless you people. You’re doing God’s work. Of course, the film will be accompanied by performances and jiggling beauties. Go now and thank me later.

471 Zhapu Lu,
near Haining Lu

6258-2078, 100 RMB

Boing Boom Tschak, 10 PM

I was lucky enough to meet Mau Mau Sr. the other night and, let me tell you, he looked resplendent in his custom tiger suit. That was awesome. Happy Year of the Tiger, guys. Check back on Layabozi for a podcast with Chairman Mau himself later this week. Sunday, to be exact.

Friday, February 12th

Mushrooms et al., 9:30 PM

And the pick of the week goes to…(drumroll). The Mushrooms! The Mushrooms kick off the Year of the Mushroom with a show at their place of worship, YuYinTang. Support from Double Control Where, Little Nature, and Momo. Guess who won’t be there, though? Me! It sucks, but I’ll catch the next one for sure.

1731 Yan’an Xi Lu,
Entrance at Kaixuan Lu

5237-8662, 139-1685-4531, 40 RMB

Saturday, February 13th

Rave on MAO

The clubhouse leader for the worst flyer of the year goes to this gig and it’s only February. A sadistic smiley face wearing a peasant rice paddy hat…am I being enticed?

570 Huaihai Xi Lu
near Hongqiao Lu

6227-7332, 80 RMB

Sunday, February 14th

Roberto Colombo, 8 PM

This will be a cover show of your favorite artists. Should be fun and chilled out in the famous Beedee’s atmosphere. I like this place and it doesn’t have to be just a Tuesday night open mic jam venue. Maybe you can spot the famous Joe Chou there. Maybe not. He moves like smoke.

433 Dagu Lu ,
Jing An
near Chengdu Bei Lu

6327-3160, Free

That’s it, kids. Have a great New Year wherever you may be and, if you find the time, waste it with these links.

I have become fixated with these people and their art:

Jellymon and

Jenn Wong (Wongton)

Check them out and they will be my targets for New Year’s interviews. Badtastic, I’m coming for you!

And you should already know I love Hipster Runoff and the Alt Report.

I may be stuck in a day job, but at least I am not going to jail soon.

Check out LOL Wayne and his awesome face tattoos and Super Bowl/Going to Jail Party.

Indie Music is dead. Hello, Ternative.

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  1. wongton

    just checked google analytics for the first time in ages and noticed a bunch of hits coming from your site, thanks for the shoutout! ps. BADTASTIC 5 is happening soon, we’re hosting the official peaches afterparrteeeeeee will be fun. x


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