Editor's Picks for Feb. 20-22, 2009


People Under the Stairs

Honestly, I’m trying not to list Shelter events every night of every weekend, but they give me no choice! People Under the Stairs is a well known hip-hop duo of the sunny, mellow indie-rap persuasion. Their beats are tasty and their rhymes agreeable. It’s definitely the biggest hip-hop name I’ve heard of in town since the aborted Nas appearance at Racks, unless you count Kanye.

Info as above except it’s a 60 RMB cover this time.

Paul van Dyk

The super big name German DJ (ranked #something by somebody!) spins at G+ in what looks a clear case of backing the truck up to the bank. Still, as was the case with Daft Punk, only ticket holders will know! Just kidding, this one is pretty clearly not a scam, but it’s still super expensive.

G+, Xintiandi block 7, 5F. Xinye Lu near Madang Lu


300 RMB in advance, 400 at the door. Ouch!


A-Z and Snot Rockets

Since we missed out on tickets for José González, it’s to YuYinTang we go for our soft guitar-music fix. Asiaeyes and Wu Zhuolin have joined together like Voltron to form…A-Z! That’s right, by their powers combined they become a London atlas! A Shanghai Atlas, holding the pain and heartbreak of the world on their skinny, folky shoulders! Have a listen to their myspace or douban.

Following A-Z things will get louder with the Snot Rockets who play classic (snotty) rock. They are neither an atlas nor Atlas, but they have fun on stage and keep things relatively tight. They weren’t quite spewing excess awesomeness all over the stage when I last saw them, but they were solid.

YuYinTang, 1731 Yan’an Lu, but actually on Kaixuan Lu just north of the intersection on the west side of the street, kind of like those places in New York where they pay extra to have an address on a fancy street that’s actually around the corner from where they are, but not like that because, like, can you really imagine YYT doing that? Probably it’s because the address is somehow connected to that super-sweet park behind the club.

10:00 start

30 RMB

Basic Needs

Nice flyer, Basic Needs! It’s not exactly China-centric, but it certainly gets the point across to those of us who think of breakfast in a Western way. When my Dad came to visit me in Beijing in 2001 he took a cab 45 minutes each way to another hotel that had fried eggs and orange juice. Seemed a little crazy to me, but Duke Ellington lived to be like a million years old eating the exact same thing for almost every meal every day, and it was hot water with lemon for breakfast followed by steak and half a grapefruit for lunch and dinner. Anyway, if house music is as important to you as eggs and oj are to my father, this is your jam. Larry Lemont spins “upfront Garage House… from Indie House, to Chicago & Acid House to Underground UK Garage & Deep Rare Disco House…” and Alexander Hahn follows with global tech-minimal house. But it’s not so basic because Jordan, formerly of House of Blues & Jazz, will be joining the DJs on bass, as will “live African beats,” whatever that means. The first fifty customers get a free Basic Needs mix CD.

LOgO, 13 Xingfu Lu near Fahuazhen Lu


No Cover


Igmar Thomas Quintet featuring Mavis “Swan” Poole: Jam Session

The new band at the very venerable House of Blues & Jazz sounded good last Sunday at their introduction to Shanghai life and they will only get better as the week goes on. They are a trumpet quartet plus singer and “artfully blend the sophistication, depth and freedom of jazz with a contemporary soul that embraces an exciting evolution that is taking place in the world of jazz today.” The first set or two will be played by the Igmar Thomas Quintet, then it will open up into a jam.

House of Blues & Jazz, 60 Fuzhou Lu near Sichuan Lu (a block from the Bund)


No cover

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