Editor's Picks for Jan. 29-Feb 1 2009


Cotton Club Band Featuring Sugar Mama

Cotton Club is often referred to as a jazz club, so I will take this opportunity to correct everyone and point out that it is in fact a blues club. The drinks are a little expensive but the band is extremely solid (the rhythm section has been together for many years) and Sugar Mama has the highest soul rating of any singer in Shanghai. She always does the last set, sometimes the last two sets.

Cotton Club, Huaihai Lu and Fuxing Lu


No Cover

Antidote at C’s

Ah C’s bar, where I first met Antidote. It really brought me back to my Beijing student days, and keeps the incredibly disgusting bathroom flame burning along with Logo. But it’s all about the music and the cheap drinks, and Antidote and C’s bar take care of that with gusto., with DJ Sal, MHP, Y3n?, Zone, Lon, AND MORE! N.B.-as in many dive bars, the sound system is kind of shit.

C’s Bar, 685 Dingxi Lu near Fahuazhenlu (downstairs)


No Cover


DJ Vadim with MC Yarah Bravo at Shelter

Mr. Vadim is one of those hip genre-spanning DJ’s about whom I’ve been getting emails from Ninja Tune ever since I bought that King Geedora album seven years ago. He will make you laugh, raise your eyebrows, grimace, and more! And I mean all that in a good way.

Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Lu


50 RMB

JAH! at Logo

Well, I don’t think Jah himself will be there, and I would be surprised if there are even any practicing Rastafarians, but there will be plenty of Reggae of all stripes to shake your ass to. DJs are Fred I, Sal, and TomTom.

Logo, 13 Xingfu Lu Near Fahuazhen Lu


No Cover


JZ Spring Festival Special, part 1

JZ is doing an all-local, by which they mean all Chinese locally-based, band weekend. Tonight will feature Huang Jianyi, who plays in Coco’s band (aka the Possicobilities) and many others. He’s got his own show coming up at the Oriental Arts Center, too, so you know this isn’t going to be just a throw-together band. The second band is running square, led by Hu Qingwen, a jazz trombone teacher at the Shanghai Conservatory. The jazz scene can definitely use more trombones, let me tell you. There’s a Jam Session starting at 1:30.

JZ Club, 46 W. Fuxing Lu, near Yongfu Lu


Cover 30 RMB, maybe. Hard to say for sure. Won’t be more though.


Blues is a Feeling at Melting Pot Hengshan Lu

Again, sorry about last week. I hope no one went and found it closed. Blues! Ronnie Williams! Mongolian Sauce! Joe Zhao! J.J. Davis! Chang!

Melting Pot, 10 Hengshan Lu between Wulumuqi and Yongjia, with the giant bowling pin out front


No cover

JZ Spring Festival Special, part 2

It looks they’re going for more of a rock thing tonight, with Blue Garden, The Honeys, and Magnet (not the Anar house band). Straight up rock in JZ is about as common as jazz in Yuyintang, so get it while you can.

JZ Club, 46 W. Fuxing Lu, near Yongfu Lu


Probably no cover

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