Editor's Picks July 1-4

Thursday: Abigail Washburn and Friends

Ms. Washburn (myspace, website) almost moved to China some time ago but was derailed by a record contract. The banjoist and singer has stayed connected, though, with The Sparrow Quartet (also featuring Bela Fleck), which mixes the folk music of China and America, and The Shanghai Restoration project, a Sichuan earthquake benefit operation which does the same thing, but with post-quake field recordings and an electronic bent.

Glamour Bar, Five on the Bund 6F

9:00 start

No cover



He used to be a mathematician, but don’t hold that against him. Dan Snaith makes indie dance music to which we can all get down. This show is brought to you by Splitworks, who point out that you don’t have to miss the World Cup to see it, since he’s going on after the game ends. They also mention that “The current tour marks a dramatic change in Caribou’s live performance. Now that technology has finally caught up to Dan’s ambitions for the band’s show, while it will still be four musicians on stage, there will be a strong video element as well.” There will also be a surprise opening band.

Zhijiang Dream Factory, 28 Yuyao Building B 4f, near Xikang Lu

9:00 start, Caribou at 12:00 if they’re serious about waiting for the game to end

Tickets 120 (presale), 150 (door), or 80 RMB (student)

Presale @ SplitWorks office, in person, cash only! Suite 2A, 100 Fuxing Xi Lu (near Yongfu Lu) or taobao.

Duck Fight Goose

Shanghai’s favorite arty-rock band headline Mao Livehouse, with support from Fever Machine and 8 Eye Spy.

Mao Livehouse, 570 Huaihai Xi Lu near Hongqiao Lu

9:00 start

40RMB cover, 30 with student ID


The Redbucks

Beijing’s best local band of the year, according to City Weekend, brings their bluegrass, old time music, and new CD to Shanghai. I met them at my friend’s wedding and they are super nice as well as an awesome band.

Mao Livehouse, 570 Huaihai Xi Lu near Hongqiao Lu

9:30 start

80 RMB at the door or 60 in advance ( or 021-5258 9999)

Miniless Electric Wave

Duckfight Goose’s arty electronic labelmate Sunye (with MHP, Confirm-X, and VJ Sankin) shows us the connections between electronic and classical music, as well as playing remixes of tracks from other Mini-E artists. You must check out the write up Miniless did at City Weekend. It is awesome, and so the show will be.

Not Me, 21 Dongping Lu near Wulumuqi Lu

9:30 start

25 RMB cover


It’s bass music from Zaogao productions, featuring The Uhhh, Mau Mau, Trix, and a live set from Empfab. A secret inner source says that that last one will be “killer.” The same unnamed and mysterious being notes superhuman improvement on the part of said Empfab.

LOgO, 13 Xingfu Lu near Fahuazhen Lu

10:00 start

20 RMB cover


In honor of US Independence Day, I order you to have a barbecue and play some classic rock on an acoustic guitar.

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