Editor's Picks July 15-18


Prins Nitram

The Danish Crunk Doo Wop maestro brings his one-Nordic-white-boy soul jams to YuYinTang. It’s a funny genre name, but it’s not exactly crunk. It is pretty awesome though. He just released Bomty Bomty and is just starting a nice long China and Australia tour. This one’s got legs.

YuYinTang, 851 Kaixuan Lu near Yan’an Xi Lu

9:00 start

50 RMB cover


DMC Contest China Final + After Party w/ DJ Nu Mark

First at Zhijiang Dream Factory is the contest, in which China’s DJ hopefuls face-off for a seat on the plane to the world finals in London, then Jurassic 5’s DJ Nu Mark headlines, making music with toys, at the after party at the Shelter.

Zhijiang Dream Factory, 28 Yuyao Lu Building B 4F, near Xikang Lu

8:00 start

80 RMB cover

and then

The Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Lu

after the DMC thing ends, probably between 10:00 and 11::00

80 RMB cover

Tim Wu and Golden Child

Shanghai’s reigning ABC MC headlines a big show that is unfortunately up against the DMC thing in a city where shows that draw hip-hop fans are few. Oh well. He’s got Pinkberry on one of his tracks. Joining the fun are Koz, Mr. Trouble, Naggy, Blow, Ceezy, and Huggy, along with the “Bootytronic Lazer Blaster Afterparty.”

YuYinTang, 851 Kaixuan Lu near Yan’an Xi Lu

9:00 start, after party at 11:30

50 RMB cover


DJ Go @ Siesta’s birthday

It’s the wonderful Siesta Jane’s birthday and to celebrate she’s invited DJ Go to do a set of drum ‘n bass, dubstep, and bassline at the Shelter. Also performing are Viceroy, JJ MC, and Siesta herself for a special 3-hour set.

The Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Lu

10:00 start

50 RMB cover

Gloria Bosman and Pu2ma

Hot on the heels of Shanghai’s infatuation with the South Africa World Cup, two singers from that country arrive on JZ’s stage to banish memories of vuvuzelas. Gloria Bosman has worked extensively on the musical theater stage as well as her concert career, which includes collaborations with greats such as Hugh Masakela. Pu2ma is in the process of starting a solo career, having sung backup in the past. Joey Lu and the Polyphonics open it up and the JZ Old School Jazz Jam closes it down.

JZ Club, 46 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Yongfu Lu

Joey at 10:00, Gloria Bosman and Pu2ma at 11:30, Jam Session at 2:00

30 RMB cover


Mike Null and the Soulcasters

Mike Null is back at the House of Blues and Jazz with some new additions to his band, including a wonderful singer named Dana Shellmire. They sounded pretty tasty at the party for their arrival and the send-off of The Cangelosi Cards, and they should have all the pieces even more together by now. Sunday night is the jam night, so you can sit in after the first set. Doing so gets you a discount on drinks too.

House of Blues and Jazz, 60 Fuzhou Lu near Sichuan Lu and the Bund

9:30 start

No cover

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