Editor's Picks, July 8-11

Maybe there’s something to this summer off-season that everyone talks about. There are still people around, there’s still things going on, but there just doesn’t seem to be that much buzz, unless it’s coming from air conditioners whirring. However, there’s still some stuff to go see and do. I keep getting emails from people who want to promote their gigs, so here comes some weekend picks from me to you.


World of Sounds, 9:30 PM

I don’t know how Dada got my number. They’re the reason I had to get it changed the last time, but this time I was glad to receive their drunken sext reminding me that Thursday is now world music night at Dada. I visited the People’s Republic of Xingfu Lu and saw that this week brings the sounds of Africa to Dada’s dance floor. My favorite continent for world music, that is. For some fabulous African traditional and pop music, seek out this site. That is, if you have a VPN.

Dada, 115 Xingfu Lu, FREE


When We’re Together, 9 PM

This is the local music show to go to this Friday, not the one at MAO, although that one is free. If you can scrape together the 40 kuai for Pairs (raunchiness), Baby #13 (Frenchiness), and Sister Whale (Velvet Underground with Nico-ishness), you should. Unfortunately, new band The Instigation seem to have pulled out of the engagement, but don’t let that deter you. No World Cup, no excuses tonight, hooligans.

Yuyintang, 1731 Yan’an Xi Lu, 40 kuai


The Kate Lewis Trio, 7:30 PM

I’ve got some diamond in the rough action for you here: Get to the Wooden Box (the music venue, not the coffin) and get jazzy with Ryan Baird (guitarist and Ho-Tom the Conqueror collabo), Nick Muzyczka (pianist), and Kate Lewis (vocalist). The flyer promises a “unique, dynamic, and sophisticated” evening of music. Does that mean I have to wear a shirt and shoes?

Go here for some more info.

The Wooden Box, 9 Qinghai Lu, FREE

*Note: I am not putting the Jay-Jay Johanson show in as a pick because I will not condone or encourage Mao’s entrance fees any longer. They need to find a way to get these international acts here for affordable prices. I can’t think of anyone who would pay for this show.


Abigail Washburn, 9 PM

This lady has worked out with banjo god Bela Fleck, as well as The Shanghai Restoration Project (on some songs done in conjunction with some Sichuan Earthquake restoration projects.) I like the stuff she has done with SRP, but I’m not sure that’s what we’re getting here. Anyways, it could still be fun. Look at me, trying to get some pimps up to the hoedown. Shameful.

Abigail Washburn on Myspace and Douban

Yuyintang, 1731 Yan’an Xi Lu, 50 kuai

If you have a gig you want publicized, be sure to email me – – and we will accommodate you. I’m almost sure of it.

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