Editor's Picks, June 5-7

Hello, all. A brief interlude of programming information:

As you may or may not know, Mike “The Big Duck” Brownell is currently gnoshing gnocchi in Italy and he has entrusted me to list the events that will potentially cause you to rock out, relax, expand, canoodle, dance, head-nod, stay up until 4 AM when you wake up at 6 for work, etc. (insert desired scenario here). Expect expressions of devotion or bewilderment for a variety of events that will go a long way toward filling up that ephemeral Promised Land known as the weekend.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program, Editor’s Picks.

Friday, June 5th

Dantes CD Release Party at Yuyintang

A French dude who sings in Chinese. What will they think of next? I don’t know much about this guy, but I heard a couple songs on his Myspace page. It is power pop with both French and Chinese language lyrics, which is kind of cool, I guess. He’s releasing a new CD on this night and you’re all invited.  Consider this a lark pick. Caveat emptor. FBCs or CBFs, go wild.

Saturday, June 6th

Polyexpressive Symphonies at MOCA Shanghai

Visual and sound artists combining forces to pay tribute to the futurist movement? Color me intrigued. Although previous mergers of visual and aural art in Shanghai have disappointed me, I will rep this one because I think that MOCA will do it up right.

Sub-Culture presents Kode 9 at Shelter

Dubstep is a hot new genre that is garnering a lot of critical and popular attention. It is downbeat, dark, cool electronic music. Kode 9 is on one of the best labels putting the stuff out now, Hyperdub. They also release the work of Burial, who is definitely worth checking out. You can check out Kode9’s brand of dubstep, as well as many other DJs at Shelter tonight for the low, low price of 50 kuai.

S.T.D. 2nd Year Anniversary at Yuyintang

S.T.D. has been overcoming its unfortunate name choice for two years now. You might remember them as the heads that brought Ratatat to the Dream Factory a couple of weeks ago and damn near sold the place out for the first time ever. They will be celebrating with a veritable phalanx of DJs, including the headliner from Beijing, Liman. 20 chips get you in to the revelry, starting at 9 PM.

Sunday, June 7th

Sandro’s Shanghai Farewell at 288 the Melting Pot

Sandro is the bassist for the Dovetail Joints, but he won’t be for long, which is the reason for this show. The Dovetail Joints are a fun band to see with nice, original songs and well-tuned harmonies. You should check them out for the final time this Sunday and enjoy 2 for 1 drinks while you’re at it. With special guests the Cardinals, 9 PM.

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