Editor's Picks Mar. 5-8 2009


Bad Decisions

A good opportunity to hear some EDM you don’t hear all the time in Shanghai. Well, out of Lazer Bass, Financial Crisis Funk, Brazilian Trash Crunk, Italian Robot Disco, and Baltimore Club, only the last is an actual genre as far as I know, but who cares. TWO robots (the aforementioned Italian one and a baijiu one), and Baltimore club, which I somehow missed out on up until now? I’m there. It stars Mau Mau and Heatwolves, with Sacco, Baijiu Robot, and One Consciousness in supporting roles.

LOgO, 13 Xingfu Lu near Fahuazhen Lu


No cover


Young Knives

A little rich (120 RMB) for my blood, but we’re all about supporting Zhijiang Dream Factory, which is the only venue of its type in Shanghai. These rockers bring their catchiness and Britishness, and locals Boys Climbing Ropes and Sonnet bring their localness, indie-ness, and -ness.

Zhijiang Dream Factory, New Factories building B 4F, 28 Yuyao Lu near Xikang Lu

9:00 start

120 RMB cover

A Violin Special

4 violinists for the low low price of 20 RMB! They are all students of Fang Lei, and the program includes Sonatas from Mozart and Bach, and works from Kreisler, Tchaikovsky, Vieuxtemps , and Ravel.

7:30 start

Shanghai Symphony Orchestra Hall, 105 Hunan Lu near Huai Hai Lu

20 RMB ticket


Juan Atkins

He’s a godfather of Techno and the first producer named in the wikipedia entry for techno. Without him, your life would be different. Give thanks.

The Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Lu


60 RMB cover


The peculiarly named and recently interviewed band bring some punk/brit-pop flavor from Beijing. They are supported by Banana Monkeys, Led Zeppelin cover band The Rovers, and STDJs.

LOgO, 13 Xingfu Lu near Fahuazhen Lu

10:00 start

30 RMB cover


Abraham Carmona: Fire of Flamenco

Carmona fights the good fight for another genre that is woefully underrepresented here in Shanghai: Flamenco. He crosses the Huangpu from JZ to the Oriental Arts Center for a concert presentation of his popular band.

Shanghai Oriental Arts Center’s Performance Hall, 425 Dingxiang Lu near the Science and Technology Museum.

3:00pm start

Tickets available for 100, 150, and 200 RMB.

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