Editor's Picks March 25th-28th

The JUE Festival came, made our lives a little better for awhile, and now it’s leaving. How do you properly bury a music festival?

Recently, I undertook a road trip from Xi’An to Shanghai (as fun as it sounds). The thing I was struck by, as I whizzed past the Henan countryside at 130 KPH, was the amount of burial mounds visible from the highway, just sticking out of the fields like morbid pimples. I found out that in Western parlance these burial mounds are called tumuli. Tumuli are used in many cultures and have been for a long, long time and, in the world of death rites, size does matter. The bigger the tumulus, the more important the person. Most of the tumuli that I spotted were pretty modest, so I’m thinking they were just ordinary people, but just next to the site of the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’An there is a giant tumulus that houses the remains of the first Qin Emperor, Qin Shi Huang. This one is now approximately 47 meters high and 350 meters around. I’m guessing he was a pretty big deal.

So how big should the tumulus for the JUE Festival 2010 be? And what should it be made of? Here’s my suggestion: I think the tribute should be 2,010 meters high and composed of all the cigarette butts that were left at the respective JUE gigs. Can we make this happen? Yes we can!

However, it is important to note that the JUE Festival is not dead yet. There are a couple key gigs happening this weekend. Next weekend begins the official moment of silence (or not.) Good luck, Mike!

Let’s pass over into the dimension of the (respectful) picks.

Thursday, March 25th

Just when I write something about how Thursdays are the new Fridays and stuff, this Thursday blows. Awesome. Damn you, karma, or something. But wait: what’s this?

Teenage Kicks, late-ish

So the immortal DJ Oh Snaps! has been cleverly avoiding our interview requests recently, but we are still on board with this event. The last one was haphazardly chronicled right here on Layabozi, and the music selection was good. DJs Wongton and Sacco will be on hand, kicking. Seems like this one might be a bit hip-hoppier (word? no word?) because the flyer has tiny, plastic break dancers on it and a stock graffiti-like font. Dead giveaway. Speaking of burial mounds, get out to Shelter and see what it’s like on a week night.

The blog of DJ Wongton

The Shelter

5 Yongfu Lu,
near Fuxing Lu, Metro Line 1 Changshu Lu Station
近复兴路, 地铁1号线常熟路站, should be free

Friday, March 26th

Uprooted Sunshine at Shelter, late-ish

Fare thee well, Yas. We hardly knew ye. Actually, we knew ye not at all, but now you’re leaving. Bummer. At least it gives Uprooted Sunshine an excuse to throw a party, bring Mungo’s Hi-Fi to town, and showcase the lovely and talented ChaCha again. Reggae and dub abound and abide. See, something good always comes out of absence. I think I heard it also makes the heart grow fonder, so it has that going for it.

Uprooted Sunshine on Myspace

Mungo’s Hi-Fi on Myspace

The Shelter

5 Yongfu Lu,
near Fuxing Lu, Metro Line 1 Changshu Lu Station
近复兴路, 地铁1号线常熟路站, 50 RMB

Saturday, March 27th

Olafur Arnalds, 9 PM

This is going to be an intriguing show. Do you like Sigur Ros? I do, especially at night. I don’t know about a packed MAO Livehouse, but this music would be perfect for a seance, or a Mache tarot reading. I think it will be a cool show, but it is not necessarily going to get the crowd moving.  Burn a few trees and hit this one up, I say.

Olafur Arnalds on Myspace

MAO Livehouse

570 Huaihai Xi Lu
near Hongqiao Lu
近虹桥路, 70 RMB pre-sale, 100 at the door

Sunday, March 28th

Yufeimen, 9 PM

This band is a Guangzhou special, part of the JUE Festival’s Cross-Talk series (which will see the Mushrooms take over Beijing on Friday). They are electro, dance-y for sure, a bit minimal maybe, and pretty cool. They hooked up with a producer who was famous for producing U2 and now here they are. Check ’em out. Or don’t. I have no jokes here.

Yufeimen’s Website

MAO Livehouse

570 Huaihai Xi Lu
near Hongqiao Lu
近虹桥路, 60 RMB

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