Editor's Picks March 4-7

So the big news in my life this weekend is that after being extremely busy for the past two months, I the weekend off, except today when I’m playing the heavily, heavily hyped Thursday pick, so you might very well see me at ALL the pick events this weekend. If you do, you definitely win an awesome prize. Just take pictures of me at all the events and email them to me at mike(at), and I’ll give you some of the special witch-salt that Mache did special magic on and which has made me insanely wealthy, or some fancy beers, YOUR CHOICE! Anyway, go to YYT on Thursday or else we will never affectionately refer to you as a duckling ever again.


Break for Borneo

Layabozi’s house band brings the rock-tinged reggae and reggae-tinged rock to YYT in their (our) first headlining spot as Zack moves from the percussion…area to the drum stool. Expect strong melodies, tasty harmonies, and rock alongs a-plenty. IT WILL BE AWESOME!!! COME OR ELSE!! THERE ARE NO OTHER GIGS! Opening are Whale and special late-addition Stegosaurus, and Gooda keep things rocking after.

YuYinTang, 1731 Yan’an Xi Lu, enter from Kaixuan Lu

9:30 start

No cover


Dance for Haiti

Three Chord Truth puts on a benefit concert to help the victims of the (second most) recent Earthquake. The line-up is sick (Wayne’s Basement, Duck Fight Goose, Studio 188, Monroe Stahr, Lions of Puxi, Weghur) and all the money goes to charity, so if you don’t go to that show you are a bad person. Seriously, though, these guys are doing something great. Gilbert of the Lions was also a driving force behind the JZ Sichuan earthquake benefit (aka Together Day) two years ago, so especial mad props to him. I think it’s going to be only this pick today because it’s so awesome, though you wouldn’t be wrong if afterwards you went to hear Andy Smith (DJ for Portishead and others and apparently really sweet on his own) at The Shelter, or the JZ Latin Band (now that they have a capable bass player again).

Zhijiang Dream Factory, 28 Yuyao Lu Building B 4th Floor, near Xikang Lu


100 RMB (for charity as mentioned)


Mark Ernestus and Tikiman

Sub-Culture brings the influential German producer/DJ and his long time collaborator from Dominica (not the D.R.). In the 90’s Mr. Ernestus had an influential label for which he made influential tracks with hip and secretive label designs. Mr. Tikiman, a vocalist has been working with him for awhile, doing their cross-pollination between dub and techno. Supporting them on this fine Saturday evening will be B6, Deville, Drunk Monk, dji, ChaCha, Didje, Esia, and Arminda.

The Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Xi Lu

10:00 start

60 RMB cover


Theo Croker Sextet: The Path of Transcendence

Theo, who has been, I think fairly, called ubiquitous, is nevertheless rarely heard in a concert setting here in Shanghai. Here’s your chance to check out his new suite played by a killing ensemble in just such a setting, with Andres Boiarsky (tenor sax), Jon Parker (alto sax), Nicholas Bouloukos (piano), Curtis Ostle (bass), and Dr. Charles Foldesh (drums). Note, this is an afternoon concert.

Shanghai Oriental Arts Center, Performance Hall, 425 Dingxiang Lu, near Science and Technology Museum

3:00, so don’t sleep too late

Tickets available for 60, 100, 180, or 300 RMB

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  1. adam

    is charles really a doctor? and is ‘especial’ even a word?

  2. Mike

    Charles Foldesh holds a doctorate in Applied Tasty Grooves from the University of the Streets, and especial is a word, though looking back on it perhaps especially would have been better, despite “especially mad props” sounding weirder to my ears than “especial mad props.”

  3. Mike

    But not the University of the Streets that comes up in google searches, the other one


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