Editor's Picks May 14-17


Rogue Transmission

Shanghai’s favorite Small-Venue-Arena-Rock-Band continues the thrashing and pounding, and continues the recent push of Anar towards contenduh status. But in addition to the regular balls-out rock you’ve come to expect from the Rogues, they are presenting new material and turning some old songs into “country, swing, acoustic and psychedelic jams,” before tearing the walls off as usual in the second set. Ben Bottiler of the Dropkicks and Snot-rockets will open with a solo acoustic set, and Mau Mau and Heatwolves of Baijiu Robots will keep the house boppin’ after the Rogue-load has been blown.

Anar, 129 Xingfu Lu near Fahuazhen Lu, but actually closer to that park on the mysteriously unnamed street (some claim it is also Xingfu Lu) that runs from Huashan Lu

8:30 doors, 9:30 start

30 RMB cover


Andy C

To celebrate Phreaktion’s 10 year birthday, they are bringing the #1 D’nB DJ according to a bunch of magazine lists. Phreaktion’s website has more info as well as a BBC1 Essential Mix that Mr. C did a few years back. He is joined by MC Lowqui, right hand of D’nB legend Goldie. There will be further support from local badasses Siesta, Viceroy, and Drunk Monk on the 1’s AND 2’s, and Cha Cha, Arminda, and Esia on the M-I-C. As an added bonus, it’s at the dream factory, and is the first big DJ thing that has gone down there, so it will be interesting to see how the venue works for that.

Zhijiang Dream Factory, New Factories Building B, 4F, 28 Yuyao Lu near Xikang Lu

10:00 start

150 RMB cover at the door, or you can get them for 120 in advance from SmartTicket (who I believe have a commission or delivery charge), and then at phreaktion’s website they have this intriguing offer: ” ♬❤♪ Group discount advance tickets @ ¥120, call for more info 138 162 99297″ sixteenth notes, love, and eighth notes. Isn’t that what music is all about?

Bang Gang Deejays

Scenesters who have not yet visited The Warehouse will want to take this opportunity to check it out, which is also the China launch of Australian label Modular. Bang Gang Deejays are described as similar to Simian Mobile Disco, which is cool. The event is being presented by S.T.D. and Free the Wax. With that collection of names, off-color jokes would be so easy, and I’m not going there. Anyway, it sounds cool, and the drinks are advertised as cheap, and I’ve never been that far down in Xuhui. If you party all night you could then head over to the Shanghai Botanical Garden the next day.

The Warehouse, 237 Xitai Lu building 10 near Longshui Nan Lu


60 RMB cover


JZ All-Star Big Band

After a long and much bemoaned absence, the Big Band returns to its hallowed Saturday spot at JZ. With Rolf Becker in Germany, layabozi collaborator Nicholas Bouloukos has taken over the music director duties, so expect some new arrangements. Word on the street is that this will be a smaller big band with no trombone section. Stay tuned to this space for more details. Afterwards, as always, is the JZ Old School Jazz Jam.

JZ Club, 46 Fuxing Xi Lu near Yongfu Lu


30 RMB cover

Surgeon A/V

Presented by Void, Anthony Child aka Surgeon will bring his brand of dark Birmingham dark Techno to the Shelter decks. As a special treat, his wife is coming with an actual prepared VJ accompaniment that highlights the industrial darkness of his sound, and which should be a welcome change from most of the decidedly bootleg VJing that goes on in this town.

Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Xi Lu

10:00 start

60 RMB cover


Sham 69

Likely the oldest punk band that has ever or will ever come to Shanghai, these guys were doing their thing in the mid-70’s and were right there with the Sex Pistols. Beijing punkers No Name will support and carry the punk torch forward into the future. Maybe you can get a chance to chat with them and gain some knowledge about the intricacies of being punk.

YuYinTang, 1731 Yan’an Xi Lu, enter from Kaixuan Lu

9:00 start

80 RMB cover at the door, 60 RMB in advance (call 137 6485 6670 to get ’em in English, 6438 5946 in Chinese)

Special Conflict of Interest Pick:


Break for Borneo and Eddy Goltz Trio

This is my steady gig with Becca from Dovetail Joints and Adam Crossley on songwriting, singing, guitaring, and in Becca’s case, ukeleling. Zack Smith joins on “Ndike” aka bongos, and I play double bass. It’s mostly originals in an acoustic rock/reggae style, and we are the greatest band ever to walk the earth. Following is the Eddy Goltz Trio playing jazz with Eddy on guitar and vocals, Jay or someone else on guitar, and my arch-nemesis Big Mike on double bass. Because this clown is tall and also plays bass and is American, I have become “Little Mike,” to many of my Chinese colleagues. I think “Rochester Mike” and “Boston Mike” would be fine, but it doesn’t really roll off the tongue, and I’m not sure many Chinese people know where Rochester is. There is only one solution: Big Mike must be destroyed. Keep coming every Thursday, because one time, when he least expects it, I will jump out from somewhere and do some unspeakable thing that will be seared into your brain forever. Then my nickname could be “Killer Mike” or something cool like that.

Kaiba, 528 Kangding Lu in the back of the alley, near Xikang Lu

B4B 6:30-8:30 Eddy Goltz Trio 9:00-12:00

No cover, happy hour beers are 25-35 until 9

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