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BIZ, Crystal Butterfly, Crazy Mushroom, Jason Falkner

The line-up for the grand opening of Mao Livehouse is: a super veteran Shanghai act, a favorite of the last couple years in Shanghai, a new local act, and a critically acclaimed even more super veteran singer/songwriter/session musician from the US. Sounds just right and their doubans/myspaces sound better: metally, punky, straight rocky, a little of everything, and everything nice and SOLID. Don’t laugh that they’re having the grand opening now when they’ve been open for months and everybody knows about them, because the show is free! Nice work, Mao Livehouse!

Crystal Butterfly

Crazy Mushroom

Jason Falkner

Mao Livehouse, 570 Huaihai Xi Lu, near Hongqiao Lu

9:00 start

No cover

Rich Medina

Straight from New York! Back to the Roots brings Rich Medina and his broad spectrum of funky danceability and eyebrow-raising ingenuity (the “I like what you’ve doing there” eyebrow-raising not the “what the hell are you done there” eyebrow-raising) to Ye Olde Shelter. Scope the Shanghaiist interview. Support from his friend and colleague Jay Soul, and the Lab Crew.

The Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Xi Lu

10:00 start

60 RMB cover


Rock for Roots and Shoots, with Booji, Triple Smash, Boys Climbing Ropes, Duck Fight Goose, Varde, and Resist Resist

I was going to pick Au Revoir Simone in this spot because I’ve picked shows involving BCR and Duck Fight Goose in my last two columns, but Au Revoir Simone don’t feel natural enough, and the show is expensive besides. Maybe if I was in a car on a rainy day and the girl I had a crush on liked them I could get into it, but I can’t in good conscience tell people to pay a lot to see them perform. It’s too bad because I saw the listing and thought to myself, “Oh, they have some Brooklyn Hipster band that everyone likes? Maybe I’ll finally make it to Mao.” It looks like I’ll have to wait for next time.

So on to the show I am picking: It’s all those bands you see above, and it’s to help pay for the planting of one million trees in Inner Mongolia. That’s a lot of bands. And trees up there in the North are pretty important. It’s way too dry up there.

YuYinTang, 1731 Yan’an Xi Lu, enter from Kaixuan Lu

6pm start (really? wow.)

50 RMB (The equivalent of 2 trees apparently. And that money all goes to Roots and Shoots.)

Brainfeeder Showcase II with the Gaslamp Killer

This will be the last Free the Wax show in Shanghai for a little while. Leo is on his way to Italy soon and Kat is already there. There will certainly be way fewer live electronic nights without them. Anyway, this final show is presented with Subculture and features Gaslamp Killer, aka MOTHERFUCKING GASLAMP KILLER, apparently. He plays some pretty far out but groovy dark stuff with a rock flava. According to Morgan’s Mp3 Monday “he’s ‘the shit’ right now in underground hip-hop DJ circles in the States.” So don’t cry, Shanghai. With Deville, dji, Drunk Monk, and MC Didje.

The Shelter, 5 Yongfu Lu near Fuxing Xi Lu

9:00 start

50 RMB cover


Reso No. 9

Finally, it’s Sunday, so why not get a little out there with sound and word worker Yan Jun from Lanzhou via Beijing, and free improvisers Jun Yuan (of MTDM) and Mai Mai (aka 卖笑国大使), both from Shanghai?

YuYinTang, 1731 Yan’an Xi Lu, enter from Kaixuan Lu

9:00 start

30 RMB

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