Editor's Picks, October 30-November 1

slipknot_fanHalloween has come around again this year, the day when fantasy, darkness, and costumes are not only accepted, but encouraged. Well, let me amend that: we all wear different masks, or personae, every day of our lives. We act out roles according to with whom we are interacting, what we are trying to accomplish, and how we want to be perceived. Humans learn the language of symbols before they learn to speak and each one of us is fluent in this subconscious lexicon. Have you noticed how popular Halloween is and how people react when you tell them you are not participating? Why do many people love Halloween so much? Is it rampant mask fetishism run amok (3 links)? Is it just a chance to cut loose and party? Or is it something deeper than that, a primal yearning to be something or someone else, if only for one night? Symbols are powerful and intriguing to play around with. Your choice of Halloween mask can tell a lot about your inner psychology, so choose wisely. Check out my costume from last year; I think I made the right choice.

Well, enough with the pop psychology. Actually, I am not putting on a physical mask this year, so I am not that excited about Halloween. I am more interested in the music this weekend. With that, let’s get on with the picks.

Friday, October 30th

Live and Undead ft. YACHT, The Youth and the Destroyer, Resist Resist, and the Violent Phlegms, YuYinTang, 9 PM, 60 pieces of silver

Tonight’s a very crucial music night. Trust me and you will transcend. If you do not heed me you might as well stay home knitting. You can read my preview of this rager of a show here. I would be punctual, too, because the Violent Phlegms have chosen a very fun costume for this pre-Halloween gig and they are the openers. After this show you must fly to…

Kid Koala, the Shelter, 10 PM, 60 vials of vampire blood

This may be the best DJ you ever see, no kidding. Kid Koala is creative, innovative, has a great collection, and has been doing this for a long time. This is actually good that it is at the Shelter because you have a chance to make both shows, if you hurry. Maybe the costume of choice should be a witch because then you could just hop on your broomstick and fly over all that weekend traffic. And, by the way, yes, I do know that DJ Motiv8 is over at Club Sky. Only a lummox would choose to see him over Kid Koala. Again, trust me.

Saturday, October 31st

Someone at the Shelter has been smoking those Sherm Sticks. Check this out:

We will pleasure your senses with our glamorous surroundings and sexy people to bring you higher than anywhere on the earth. Unlimited happiness in our party place with our remarkable DJs spinning the hottest music and many beautiful people in the house.

Since when is a dank, dingy, dilapidated bomb shelter “glamorous surroundings”? It’s so dark in there that, if there were any beautiful people, you wouldn’t be able to see them. Unlimited happiness? Never have I come closer to becoming a cutter than within the friendly confines of the Shelter. And I love it. Don’t ever change. And stay off them wiki sticks.

There are a ton of Halloween parties going on Saturday night. You can even participate in a Thriller-style zombie walk (too soon, Shanghaiist, too soon). But you know me, I always follow the music and my nose tells me that this will be the best show of the evening:

24 Hours Album Launch, YuYinTang, 9 PM, 1.6666666666666667 kuai per hour in the band’s name

I saw these guys (actually, two gals and a dude) awhile back as part of the last Get in the Van show. I thought their performance had some stage presence issues, but I was intrigued. I have heard one track that they put on the Internet for that gig and I really like it, so I’m going to guess they have worked their issues out and are ready to fully rock. Rustic and the Snots offer support. Check out a review of their new album here and a video for the aforementioned track here.

Sunday, November 1

Shanghai Autumn Anime Music Festival, Mao Livehouse, 6-10 PM, 40 digital ducats

This isn’t normally the type of thing I would hype but, what the hell, it’s Halloween weekend. I’ve actually been interested in video game music since I did a bit of Internet research for my Samiyam piece a couple months back.

That’s about it, kiddies. Stay safe out there with all the malfeasance going on. However, here’s a link that is scarier than any costume.

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