Editor's Picks, September 11-13

anpmdemhvqs9yzurv93elswso1_400 This weekend we go bonkers with some hip hop haute couture, Japanese reggae, Metal-core, and then cool down with Gypsy Jazz on the patio.

Friday, September 11th

Brainfeeder Showcase w/ Samiyam and Ques at Kathleen’s 5

You can check out a profile of Samiyam’s work here, but I should say a bit about this event and what is in store for the coming months. Brainfeeder has come about as a collaborative project between musicians and artists around the LA area. There will be three events in Shanghai from these cats when all is said and done. We can also look forward to future sets from Gaslamp Killer and Flying Lotus (who is, it must be said, great-nephew of Alice Coltrane, a great musician in her own right, as well as wife and band mate to the incomparable John Coltrane).

This show will also be unique because it will be running adjacent to, and concurrently with, a live graffiti art show by Ques.

9 PM Doors, 50 pesos also get you one free Vedett, an incredibly refreshing beer.

Cojie of Mighty Crown Soundsystem w/ Uprooted Sunshine Crew at the Shelter

This is going to be a popper. Think of a really spicy Jamaican Jerk Chicken transmitted aurally and raw. Japanese reggae? I know I’ve said it before, but really, what will they think of next? This would be an excellent late night option, as you head into the dark regions after the heights of Kathleen’s 5. Have you heard the new Shelter slogan? “Shelter: Where you can take pictures and develop them yourself on the dance floor!”

The festivities begin at 10 PM, 50 Photographs of Greed gain you entry past Cerberus, Guardian of the Gates of Hades.

Saturday, September 12th

Hell United at Yuyintang

Spurred on by my enjoyment of the Crazy Mushroom Brigade, I am going to rep this Metal-core extravaganza at Yuyintang. I can’t attest to seeing any of these bands before, but the flyer boasts “Mosh pit straight up.” Need I say more? I say no.

9 PM, 40 pieces of silver and a sturdy clavicle make you mosh-worthy.

Sunday, September 13th

Gypsy Jazz, Opening Party at Kaiba II

This is not strictly a music recommendation because I do like me some Belgian beer in the friendly confines of Kaiba, but if you have not heard the jazz stylings of this group before, you should do it now, as well as enjoy good beer at reduced prices in a relaxed atmosphere.

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