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  1. Jacques

    The international noise conspiracy will not play tonight. They were denied to come and play thanks to big brother. What a way to celebrate the national day by reminding us that they are “filtering” everything in this capitalist dict@torsh*p.

  2. Mike

    What? Wow could you keep that under your hat? I think that’s the first Wall Street Journal hip-hop article I have ever read. The headline is priceless and they did a pretty good job of fitting slang in naturally without sounding like a faker, though there is also a detectable smirk in there. It’s always weird reading pop music reviewers write about hip-hop in such a non-hip-hop voice, especially when they quote lyrics.

    In other news, if they’re doing good business melting grills down then living here was clearly the right choice. It seems like all my Chinese friends are buying grills these days.

  3. mache

    Actually the whole modern *sky show had to cancel the presentations of foreign bands. The fourteen bands that were ready to play this weekend on Beijing were cancelled. And even worst than this, it’s that many of them already arrived to middle land, like the guys of noise conspiracy. Funny thing, they originally got all their permits and visas to come, but well… change of mind, sorry.

  4. mache

    Hey, this is Zack.

    I have never liked birthdays. Not my own, not others’. Most people don’t like birthdays because it reminds them they’re getting older, which reminds them that they are going to die. I just never saw the importance of celebrating the day you came into the world. Why would you do something different on that day that you don’t do on any other day? It says that we are not living our lives correctly each and every day. But now I am thinking that birthdays are the reminders that we need (you could also substitute New Years, of which in Asia there are two). Birthdays are as good a time as any to make a new start. This could be your own birthday, but, more collectively, why don’t we think about the birth of where we live, our community?

    The Shanghai music scene would be a great place to make some changes, since we have a chance to do things differently. The government gave us a good idea when they canceled foreign band performances on National Day. Not that it was the best move, but it gave us a chance to reflect on our situation here. Why are foreign bands the biggest draw? There are plenty of bands from right here in our fair city that deserve as big an audience as the ones from outer lands. That’s how you build a scene; you support the people who are making music close to home. Out of town bands are like dessert. So maybe the government was, in a way, trying to remind us of this (alright, it’s a stretch, but not impossible).

    Of course this was written before the sad news came down about cancellations. But it is still a chance to support music in Shanghai, so please check out as many shows as you can. There are still some great bands.

  5. mache

    This PREVIEW was written before of course.


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