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The Plan.

October 1st to October 4th

The MIDI Festival  or the epic adventure of rock in China

The Midi Festival organizers have seen it all, they are experienced on the martial rock arts of China, and I believe this year we’ll see the best edition of this festival.
The Midi Festival is known for featuring the hardest rock you could find around China, metal, hardcore punk, and all those kinds of rock that can cause serious head aches to grandmothers.

This year the electronic or dance stage will be produced by our friends from The Ice Cream Truck featuring the butter scotch cream of Shanghai’s electronic music scene, plus additional foreign guests. There will be more information about this stage soon soon soon here on Layabozi.

On the stages for strong hearts and necks you will find many Chinese delicatessens, many classics, and also most of the best that you can find on the young generation of rockers. Some of them are Voodoo Kungfu who can be pretty scary , Tang Dynasty heroes of Chinese rock , Muma & The Third Party, AK47, Twisted Machine, Second Hand Rose: Beijing heavy metal lords, and more papas of the heavy rock. On the younger frontline are AV Okubo that I really hope they do it good this time, The Mushrooms (now Crazy Mushroom Brigade) Shanghai’s pride rockers, Guaili, Steely Heart, Exit A, PTS: Mongolian hip hop, yes yes dude, The Reason, Mosaic, and many many more. You can check them all on this great link tree on rockinchina.

The foreign big dish on the line up is Soulfly, Max Cavalera’s rebound band, is necessary to say more to introduce them? No, I hope. Another foreign big dish on this bloody banquet is Loudness from Japan, I accidentally found this band on a dvd store years ago, they are probably not the best band of heavy metal in the planet, but they are really cool on the stage, I really digged that concert I got on dvd, and I’m excited I’ll see them now playing live.

If this information is not yet enough to have you running to organize your trip to Zhenjiang, then you should check more about this festival on rockinchina or on their own site.

Location: Jiangsu Prov., Zhenjiang City, Shiyezhou Tourism District
Check directions, transportations, and where to stay on GoogleMaps.

Tickets: 60 RMB one day, 200 RMB all-days. You can get them on damai, or call 010-64177845.

October 2nd to October 4th

The Modern Sky Festival, the sweets of music in China

Not into head banging til your neck is loose? Feeling more like going to Beijing? Then Modern Sky Festival is your thing. The Modern Sky Festival will be playing punk, rock, pop, electronic, synthpop, and indie sounds.

The players  are awesome. The local shows are featuring  Re-Tros and Hedgehog, two of the bands on the top of the hills of the red rock. The menu includes New Pants, Queen Sea Big Shark, Sound Fragment, Life Journey,  Bigger Bang, Steely Heart, Pairs, Sulumi, Liman, R3, DJ LON, DJ Adept, and also AV Okubo, and Second Hand Rose. The foreign featured players are The Big Pink, Brett Anderson!!! (who, by the way, will be playing in Shanghai on October 4th at the Zhejiang Dream Factory), and Blonde Readhead, yeah!. So much nice music to enjoy there.

Location: Haidian Park, Beijing. Check directions, transportations, and where to stay on GoogleMaps.

Tickets: 120 rmb one day, 300 rmb all days. You can get them on or call to: 13810766952 – 13581603304 – 13911522943

October 2nd to October 4th

Hangzhou’s Zebra Music Festival, the green menace.

If I could be in two places at the same time …the things I’d do. This would be one. Zebra is taking Hangzhou by the bamboos, they are introducing themselves like this: “Confront the energy crisis, environmental pollution, global warming, consumerism, the bubble economy… The world needs change!”. Well, there’s so much we could say about this. Anyway. This festival is featuring some singers that are on the progressive line of mandopop (is that possible? … yes it is, I’ll tell you more about that soon). And Hangzhou has a beautiful lake that we want to have in our back yards. Although the festival is not near the lake, but it’s closer than from where I am right now.

The line up includes Hedgehog, Zhang Xuan, Catcher in the Rye, Kelly Cha, Brainfailure, Monkey Pilot, Bremen, Brain Failure, MC-HotDog, and Puppet Mastaz, among many others.

Location: Hangzhou Phoenix International Design Gardens. For directions and transportation: GoogleMaps (is there people in the world that hasn’t discover googlemaps yet?)

Tickets: At the door: 150 rmb single day at door, 300 rmb three day ticket. Pre-sale: 120 rmb single day, 240 rmb three days. For pre sale call 0571 88398123; 400-818-3333

October 16th to October 17th

The JZ Music Festival, Shanghai’s music festival

On the first JZ festival I went I met the same few people that were going every week to JZ club, but instead of having drinks in fancy glasses we had big pic nics, with drinks in fancy glasses (and plastic glasses too), and great music at Fuxing Park. Last year the festival was so big that when I met around some of those same people that were having pic nics at Fuxing Park, it always came out a “can you believe this?” “this is sooo coool” and all that thing.

This year the line up for the festival is pretty sweet on the jazz again. Last year we complained a bit about jazz being away from the center of attention, because, you know, JZ, is a jazz club. Mostly. So, here we are now, and the line up features great great bands as The Watts Project that includes Terence Blanchard, Branford Marsalis, and Jeff  Watts, all heroes of jazz. Dianne Reeves and Roy Hargrove will also have their nights. All these big cats will be playing on the indoor part of the festival. If you are just getting the scoop now, then I’m sorry to tell you, the cheap tickets for these shows are gone, so you will have to either pay over 400 rmb, or go and get a re sell ticket outside, or give a sweet talk to one of the musicians to get you in, you still can do it if you go to hang to JZ club until late.

On the outdoor festival we’ll listen to all of the best talents you could find around Shanghai’s streets including our awesome Alec Haavik now with the Friction 8, who have had a terrific year with darling Erica Lee in the front line. Last time I went to listen to them on their Thursday night at JZ they had a jam moment that built one of my dreamed bands, two bass player, and three percussionist with Alec, plus singer, gods! that was the coolest rythym section I’ve seen. I just can’t mention quickly Alec’s work, he is so creative it’s impossible to just pass by him.

The coolest gang in town are the guys from Mauritius, when these guys get together on a stage to do their sega music, I swear you feel the breeze of the African oceans blowing on you, they are Noukilla, and they know about festivals and enjoying life with music. He Yong will be there too. And Joey and the Polyphonics, and of course Theo Croker and his AfroSonic Orchestra that’s totally rocking. And many many more. Plus (these are my favorite guests) Soil & Pimp Sessions, the most amazing Japanese jazz band right now. These guys have “jazz party” printed on each one of their chords, we talked about them long ago, they are a carnaval of jazz . To prepare for them I recommend you to get their album “Pimp Planet”.

DJ Sacco will bring the motown party, and Ben Huang will be jamming house along with Theo Croker, and LON will bring the electronic beats, and so many more bands and musicians, so much music that we will be intoxicated in C major, and this year the baijiu jelly shots at the park will be pink in duck shapes.

Location: The outdoor festival will be at Century Park. For directions and transportation GoogleMaps. The indoor festival will be at the Shanghai Centre Theater on 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu… you don’t need googlemaps to get there. Right?

Tickets: For the outdoor festival 200 rmb for the two days. For the indoor festival available tickets are from 400 rmb to 1000 rmb. You can get them on Smartshanghai.

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