嘎调, 可口的中药 The Gar, Chinese Medicine Tasting Good


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这是我第一次见到詹盼和王旭,永远也忘不了他们可爱的监护人 Lolly。











Every time I meet interesting folks it makes me feel possed by some Tasmanian devil and it give me life fuel for at least the next two months.

Meeting The Gar was one of those days. This was the latest time they came to Shanghai. Last year when they released their EP.
We first catch up at a noodle join near their hotel.

I first met with Zhang Pan and Wang Xu and not to forget their lovely chaperon Lolly.

But wait a minute, where is Bo Xuan? I was shocked to learn that Bo Xuan the bass player was in the hospital. Dammed, one more mafan for that photo shoot.

The initial location I chose to shoot them was shut down by the police so I decided to bring them to my studio and do the shooting there.

We didn’t talk about music at all but naturally we started to make the world a better place. Then after a couple of pics we went to the hospital to check on Bo Xuan.

The hospital was pretty packed with elders getting high on glucose solution. In the middle of them this washed out young man. I could see that having his buddies around was like Chinese medicine, recovering slowly but much better at each minute.

As a shameless photographer I attempt to take a clear shot of Bo Xuan in his distress, just to be told that it might not be the best situation to take a shot as too many people around were in a negative vibe.

I stole a quick shot, shame on me!

We then catch up later that night at YYT for their gig.

A very special formation. Only 2 of them. Zhang Pan delivered a beautiful acoustic set followed in and out by Wang Xu groovy drums. For some reason I could feel Bo Xuan there. I guess Zhang Pan’s voice sounded all the way to the hospital.

When people usually tend to hide who they are and try to look empty, The Gar is sweating all over who they are. And their sound smells that nice and generous rub like some tasty Chinese medicine.

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