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史密斯乐团是一个很难后有来者的乐队。而嘎调却轻易地补上后尘,每一首歌都逐渐超越他们。“火车”一曲立即抓人耳朵,恰巧匹配“Meat is Murder”。灯火是那种能然你听下去并期待更多的专辑。只有六首曲子,比起专辑,更为接近一张的长度。在一首简短的“序”曲之后,奠定了这张专辑赶上的基调。虽然在听专辑时会有一点悲伤,但你仍然会感到高兴。




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The sullenly melodic rock of great bands like The Smiths hasn’t been able to find a proper home in the Chinese music scene. Until now. When I gave The Gar’s new album, City of Burning Identities an initial listen I thought I was listening to The Smiths being covered in Chinese. At first, this kind of upset me, but upon a second listen I realized that The Gar are actually making a sound reminiscent of The Smiths but all their own, and maybe even better.

The Smiths are a band with big shoes to fill. The Gar fill them easily and surpass expectations on track after track. “火车“ or “Train” is immediately capturing. It could be right off Meat is Murder. City of Burning Identities is one of those albums that you give a listen to and wish for more. At only six tracks, it’s closer to the length of an EP than an actual full album. A short “Intro” sets the mood, upbeat in that sad kind of way. While you are a bit sad listening to this album you are happy about it.

An invisible thread running connects each track on the album. The second track “爱,”终将把青春遗漏” starts out like a warm melodic rock song, only to turn into a sad love song for memories past. The chorus is catchy and full of emotional pain. As soon as you think you have recovered from something so moving you get thrown into the third track “Train” or “火车 ,” which might be my favorite track on the album. It is a slow, rhythmic, and fun song that just gives you enough of a break from the previous song to keep you interested. The sound and the feel of the album shift ever so slightly to make it all work together fantastically.

By the time you come to track five you want something a bit more energetic and The Gar deliver. “空洞” has an amazingly powerful opening that gets you ready to rock out. I would love to see them perform this track live. This is the song that everyone would know the words to and jam to at a show. A fantastic, upbeat guitar line still keeps the mood melancholy.

The Gar have produced some wholesome, self-indulgent misery. Like The Smiths oeuvre, a quick listen will hook you. At about twenty-six minutes long it isn’t the longest album, but it is one of those albums that you are going to listen to again and again, each time finding something new to like.

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