Alec Haavik Friction Five "Ye Shanghai" Release

Just coming out of the oven, the new and first cd of Alec Haavik Friction Five (who are still are first Featured Artist) is going to be released this next Thursday, July 24th.

This is the invitation:

Alec Haavik Friction Five’s  first CD!!!!
named “Ye Shanghai”, for our famous hip-hop / ska / surf-rock version of the old Chinese pop tune,
and also featuring our “Frictionized” covers of Led Zeppelin, Diana Ross, and even Kenny G.!
And of course Haavik’s original compositions, many written since moving to Shanghai three years ago…
By amazing fortune, our percussionist, Leonardo Susi, has just returned from six months back in his home country of Brazil just in time for the big party!
Lawrence Ku will be back from his trip home to L.A. as well!
In addition, Nicholas Bouloukos, who recorded on the CD, will come back on this special night to play keyboards with us!
So it will be a reunion show as well a release party!

Please come to JZ on Thursday night to help us celebrate this happy event!

Not much more to say except we are excited about listening to this cd, we have been waiting for it and of course, we do have high expectations. We may be there since very early, to enjoy every minute of the night, and to party too! ( …now, wondering what will be the surprising outfit Alec has chosen for this night)

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