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Alpine Decline’s music includes reverbs, and echoes, and more reverbs, and more echoes, I wish I could understand better what they say when they sing. It’s like some sentences come with the wind of the music and then soon they go away, and then it’s hard to understand again, and then they come in another wave of wind, and so it goes.

The titles of the songs on Go Big Shadow City help to shape more the idea, and it’s very complete when you read what they say about the album.  For example “Fearless in the Face of Fate” sounds so much like that, that is difficult to imagine the lyrics being against the idea of the title. And “Mid-Level Functionary in a Criminal Syndicate,” the opening song, also has a strong title, it is a heavy soul head banger. So when they tell us that the album is about the sounds of Beijing it seems kind of obvious that these guys felt so quickly so connected with the city. Go Big Shadow City’s noise and loops produce in the ears the parallel effect of what eyes feel with heavy smog, blurryness. Still I would like to know what the lyrics say.

All the songs center in one phrase and then they go around it over and over again. Each is like a little spiral galaxy. It seems that psychedelia took over Beijing. The variety of sounds is vast enough to welcome all the hallucinations your soul can create. There are a couple of pink floyd moments, specially near the ends. A lot of liquid dreams and wind chimes everywhere. Again I can understand Alpine Decline’s idea of Beijing.

Go Big Shadow City rotates ad infinitum, like a carwheel, like a never ending wave, like a mad hamster, like a vicious circle, like a carousel, like a drunk, like a climbing plant around a column. It’s a another turn and evolution on their recorded music history, still shoegaze, but maybe more romantic, or just dizzier.

Go Big Shadow City was recorded in Beijing, produced by Yang Haisong, and released with no record label.


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