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The thing about Banana Monkey is that they catch you as soon as their first compass sounds.Then you dance. And then you are forever theirs.

It’s good that they know how to take care of us. They have taken their time with a lot of calm clearly, but finally they are giving us the chance to have their music in our living rooms, and pretty much anywhere we want with our players. So, for example, now you can ride your bike while listening to Banana Monkey, just that if you do so, try to do it at night when there are less options to crash because you will be believing you can fly. It’s difficult to imagine someone wouldn’t like this music, that must be a boring being if it exist.

Misuzu has so much attitude gushing from his guitar, it’s easy to imagine him dancing and playing and twisting around my living room. I love to find that Awu hasn’t only joined the trio of rockers succesfully on the stage but musically too, she is funky and strong to balance and match her lines with Alon’s beats and rattles, they are very probably one of the most solid rhythym sections of rock in Shanghai. And Bono’s absolute detachment from everything except from rock ‘n roll make his edges raw to the point that his lyrics are messy as his hair, and everything makes sense every time he sings from his guts.

Isn’t it good to finally know what they sing about? Thanks for the lyrics! But yeah, we all knew it anyway, it’s all about girls and party and the city and sex. Still, top discovering in the lyrics, “I wanna be a bra/ to comfort you and hold you/I wanna be a candy /fill your mouth, stay in your mind” …Now I wonder…

Banana Monkey’s only weakness is that still is not enough with its five songs. We need more, so much more. It’s still a fragile business to get assurance from the band about their future, but to know that they are playing consistently in Shanghai, that they went to Summer Sonic this year, and that finally they released a record, all these are positive signs making it easier to expect more. It’s good to have Banana Monkey near by.

Play Banana Monkey to the dead and dare them not to dance, and be ready to run in panic.

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