Best Records Of Our Water Dragon 2012


On the day of the God Of Wealth we want to start a celebration of pride, our selection of the best albums and EPs made in China during  the Dragon.

We never did this before, now we know we were waiting for the Dragon to wake up, and he certainly did, it was  a lovely year for music. The production of records made in China, to enjoy by good listeners, grew greatly. Many good albums and EPs were released during the Dragon. We can hear the result of years of work, it’s not just that the Dragon woke up, but that good popular music is emerging from China each year stronger, still many people are skeptical about the power of this beast, but we, at Layabozi, have no doubts about it. We are hearing it.

We will forever remember this creative Dragon. Rock is starting to mature well in China, jazz is reactivating, and beats are being produced with confidence.

Layabozi salutes all the creative souls that are empowering the music beast of China.


Hedgehog – Sun Fun Gun. [Modern Sky]

Total success, an album that we are enjoying and will go on enjoying. Catchy lyrics, dear boy, and really nice production, add to that the awesome experience of listening to Hedgehog playing it live. Sun Fun Gun made it quickly to our list of loved albums.

For more about Sun Fun Gun read our review, and the interview to Zo during their release show.

Buy Sun Fun Gun on Hedgehog’s Bandcamp.



Nova Heart – Beautiful Boys EP  [FakeMusicMedia]

We loved it, still do, and forever will. If there’s anything wrong with Nova Heart’s debut record is that we wish it would have been an LP, more songs, encore, jia you! Helen Feng and partners in crime had a great year with Nova Heart, last time I saw them was at Booshkabash Festival at On Stage, and it was pure disco magic. With the addition of Atom on drums, Bo Xuan on bass, Nova Heart became a power band, and of course the silver Helen Feng, the enchanting disco mistress, so much magnetism on stage. Beautiful Boys will never leave our playlist.

Read our review. Buy Beautiful Boys on Nova Heart’s Bandcamp. And be alert, soon, soon, soon, we will have news about Nova Heart.


The Fever Machine – Living In Oblivion [Independent]

The Fever Machine first and last album. Living In Oblivion is an ode to rock ‘n roll, by rock lovers. Full of red energy, killing riffs, kicking rhythms. If you went to any of their concerts, if you live in Shanghai, if you love rock, Living In Oblivion will be with you forever because is great music, and because it is the only album that this Shanghainese band produced. Dan Shapiro, leader of the band and rocker from a to z, left China putting an end to the story of The Fever Machine. Along with Dan, Fabi, and Miggs, were a source of fire for the rock scene of China. Living In Oblivion is the reminder of straight forward kick ass rock ‘n roll power that can turn on people.

Read our review. Buy Living In Oblivion. Watch The Fever Machine playing concerts, festivals and videos.


MHP  The Chinese Connection [Cratesavers International]

This EP was cooking in MHP’s mind for some years and finally made it to our reality with great success. The Chinese Connection can be kept as one of the greatest portraits of the spirits wandering around Shanghai’s nights, and for sure one of the best electronic works produced in China. The Chinese Connection reveal the thoughtful creativity of MHP and the talent that he is developing, all the creations that we are sure will listen from him. Having The Chinese Connection makes us want much more music from MHP and his Void partners.

Read our review. Buy The Chinese Connection.


Willow Neilson Light Bulb [Independent]

Light Bulb was an invigorating released for the jazz scene in Shanghai. The creativity and dedication behind the production of Light Bulb was great. Featuring the performances of the best jazz musicians in China right now, the result was eternal music about the new romantic bohemian Shanghai jazz scene. Neilson, is now living in India, The Light Bulb will always stay in China.

Read our review. But Light Bulb.


The Gar The City Of Burning Identities EP  [Maybe Mars]

We got it, we played it, we dug it. Then we saw the same process repeating over and over again with friends, and music junkies that we respect. The Gar had a great year of the Dragon, even with accidents it was a great year. We much enjoyed to witness their empowering through the process that was the release of The City Of Burning Identities. And most of all we applaud the great production done for Lights. We want much more from The Gar now.

Our review of The City Of Burning Identities it will be out very soon.


White+ 白+ [Maybe Mars]

白+ is a mix of noise with steady drumming from the gar’s Wang Xu. More accessible experimental music with even a dash of hip hop. Chinese music’s most promising export. Simple as that.

Read our review. Buy 白+


Friend Or Foe What Have You Done With My Claw? [Independent]

What Have You Done With My Claw? is a heroic reunion of forces. Friend Or Foe did a great job calling to the four winds for collaborations, they selected a great sample of the electronic scene from China, and the selected producers used and abused with insanity of the originals from Friend Or Foe’s album released in 2012, My Claw Is Never Limp. As it had to be. With the same disrespect, What Have You Done With My Claw? is one of the best souvenirs anyone could have got from China during the year of the Water Dragon.

Read our review. Buy What Have You Done With My Claw?


Chui Wan – White Night  [Maybe Mars]

Chui Wan should be mentioned as one of the best new bands from China during the Dragon. They had a great start, White Night is the album that put them on radar. Well produced style, solid songs, strong attitude. 2013 will be another important year for Chui Wan, and if all goes well, White Night might become even bigger in the future.

Our review of White Night will be published soon.

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