Diary Of A Chinese Tour: Androsace — Gigs 07-08


Androsace is doing a great tour during 2012, eleven Chinese cities, for sure a great experience for the band and for all of us around them. To celebrate this event properly, Layabozi is hosting this special set of articles that will keep us closer to Androsace’sadventure.

by Lenz and Dario 

Shenzhen Friday July 6th 

This weekend, beside Beijing, this is the furthest we have ever played, deep South of China, close to Hong Kong and the glittering Macao. For this reason we booked a flight while ago, so yes! This time we avoided long hours on trains and squared asses, and after a short time we arrived in Shenzhen. (Oh yeah, Gil from Bigong Bijing caught the next flight…and you know why!)

Shenzhen, such a well-planned “beautiful” human city, full of green everywhere, like lot of lego pieces put together. Once we arrived we went straight to Brown Sugar Bar (Hongtangguan). It gives you the feeling of a half factory and half home, people there are nice too and welcomed us with a cold beer. After resting a while at the bar, they brought us to a  cheap hotel near by, which is perfect for us, but of course (!) some of us decided the hotel had few stars, and looked for a bit more “wife standardized”.

After eating special yummy conjee, we went back to Brown Sugar. All the seats are nearly taken, time to give a speech. When Bigong Bijing played, there were some monitor problems, but they still played bad-ass. When we played, they fixed the monitor, we were lucky, but half of the people there were still seating even though I said who ever is seating down means they have an anal disease or shit themselves!

After gig, some of us went to a shinny bar, and the rest of the people went to a small beach called Hongshulin, to drink beers, say hi to Hong Kong lights far away, and to talking about … the universe.

Guangzhou Saturday July 7th


We woke up around 11 am, quick shower, grab our stuff and it was time to go to the train station (always Gil, already at the train station waiting for us, and we know why). Half hour later, we arrived to Guangzhou.

While some people was going to a friend’s house, a “good company’s friend” went to a five star hotel, and my Dali friend and me, plus Bigong Bijing, we went to find a cheap hotel near the Musician LiveHouse bar where we where scheduled to play that night.

This place gives you the feeling of half bar and half restaurant and the food was yummy indeed, the “good company’s friend” order a really cheap and tasted New Zeland lamb chop! But considering we were in Guangzhou, and considering the local food culture, I’m still worried about what kind of meat was that (!).

Ok, sound check was supposed to start at 4pm but the sound check guy arrived like at 6pm, how rude is that! At least t hesound was good though, then at 8pm the local band called Relic started the show. Their sound is tight and have some killer riffs, and the guitarist with glasses (I forgot his name) is really awesome!

Almost time for Shangai bands to take the stage, some more beers, few slaps in the face to wake ourselves up, and we were ready. Bigong Bijing was fucking awesome, the whole room was warming up! Specially the last song with Gil’s changing guitar just perfect for the reaction to the soap opera that happened before, sorry, can’t tell more details.

Then was us, I think it was normal but our friends got really crazy so I guess it was good and the stage was shaking, literally.

After the gig, we went to this hidden cool bar called Loft Bar. They have this awesome home-made shot spicy as hell, poor Jan got some drops in his eye. Then we did a shitty improvised noisy jam to disturb people’s flirting each other. Then time to our ritual night street food, of course few bites and then Gil slept on the table this time (he will make it to the plane next morning!)



After touring North, South, East and West Androsace is coming back home and throwing a FREE show at Yuyintang on Sunday July 15th at 2PM. And for the first 100 people who republish this event on Weibo we will give you a free CD at the door!

Playing with us will be the awesome Micoo from Nanjing, Shanghai’s Prank and our drunken tour buddies Bijong Bijing who will also be giving away their killer new CD to the girls under 18. We will also be showing a video of some of our travel highlights.

Four bands, free entry, free CDs….see you there!

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