Diary of Goushen Tour 狗乱神迷: Gig 02



 by Goushen


The amazing side of playing out of our well known boundaries is the human side of it, you can understand how important is not to limit yourself to hang out in your comfort zone only, China is a huge bowl and you only have to reach out or you’re livin’ in a spaceship!

Zibo people, Shandong people are cool and easy going. The guys picked us up at the station and then we went straight to the venue: West Street Hallway 西街走廊. It’s like a big garage with a big open space: big ass stage and big ass bar and massive area for audience. We all walked in with a big “O” face. After we dropped our gear, the owner Liu Hao asked some cool friends to take us to a local restaurant to have lunch. Oh,Shandong food is so amazing and generous especially when you shared with warm-hearted Shandong people!

Then we headed back to the bar, and had a long sound check with Leigui (he studied the earliest class of Midi rock and roll school so he is like  a rock god here). Then they drive us to a hotel nearby and we all did the same thing: sleep.

Later we woke up around 7pm, we had a small nice dinner at the hotel and we headed back to the bar!

At night, West Street Hallway bar looks even more “O” with a classic light ball on the ceiling Tony Manero style! The first band playing was Mix, a punk band with smiley faces and good energy. Then us, our set was long and energetic and at one point a cute girl went on the stage to jump and crowd surf. After the show it was all nice drinking and nice hanging with all the people that stayed at the bar.

At one point Liu Hao said lets go so they bring us all to a local BBQ and we got full right away! Oh, Shandong BBQ!! best BBQ ever! Ultimate!!!! Feeling so sexy with a mouth full of garlic smell!

Such a wonderful night with wonderful people! This is the best example to explain why we are on the road again.






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