Diary of Goushen Tour 狗乱神迷: Gig 03 (Late Edition)


Beijing again, always so much fun to play there! School bar is owned by the bass player of a famous punk band called Joyside, this is the third time we played there.

We arrived at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, we had to walk through the famous tourist street “nanluoguxiang” which was a pain in the ass, with thousands of people walking slowly and eating on one street in a cooooold and raining day…

We did a fast sound check at 6, the sound guy was new and pretty good, sounded very clear on the stage. After Bedstar and the Dangglers arrived, we went to a Xinjiang food restaurant together. And start to drink a transparent liquid which wasnt water…

Next I am on the street the next day going to the train station, destination Zhengzhou.

by Mian Mian

Editor’s Note: This entry came after 8:30pm today, today they were very slow, the train ride to Zhengzhou today must have been very dizzy.


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