Ding Ding! Duel of the Decade

This is for all the marbles.

Layabozi decided it was time to post some more lists, seeing as how this crazy, unnameable (The Aughts? Or not.) decade is soon coming to a close. The subject? Best tracks of the 10 years. We asked a bunch of people to turn in their thoughts and, after the exhausting preliminary rounds, the cream has risen to the top. Now it’s time to decide Internet Supremacy once and for all.

The contenders:

  • Emma, the Hasidic Hammer. Legal Eagle by day, indie fangirl by night; she is the relative newcomer in the field, but has impressed so far with her musical acumen. Can she reach the pinnacle in her rookie season?
  • Jake Newby, the Kungfuologist. The royal regent of the Shanghai scene, he’s having a superb year since emerging from Andy Best’s sinister shadow. Will he finally obtain the honor that has eluded his grasp?
  • Zack, the Smart Money. Mr. Eclectic, beaten only by his own ego. The Layabozi editor and general gallivant looks to get out of his own way and attain the glory that was predicted by the sages on his birth-bed.
  • Mache, the Grand Duckess. It’s good to be queen. Will Mache use her vast network of connections to sway the competition in her favor? That could be a major factor. Only time will tell.

You might be asking how this duel will be decided. We’re glad you asked. It’s you! Check out the bracket below, read the lists that are coming soon, and cast your votes in each of the two divisions: Emma vs. Mache and Jake vs. Zack. The champions from each group will engage in another battle to decide the Grand Champion of Shanghai Music Blogging. Thanks in advance for your help in putting to rest the question that has nagged us all for the last 10 years at least.

Use those comments! You’re our only hope.

To vote for the Female Bracket please go this way.

To vote for The Male Bracket please go this other way.


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  1. mache

    the aughts? … what about The ling lings?

  2. Emma

    Brilliant! I’m like the cut of your jib, Mache.

    Still gonna beat you though (^_^)

  3. mache

    we’ll see.

  4. willow neilson

    Ling is penis in hindi


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