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666KTV is the first record of Goushen, it was released on October 2013. Recorded and mixed by Aho of DB Studio. The record has five songs that flow quickly, the whole EP last around fifteen minutes, however that’s enough time for Goushen to drop sounds of metal, rock, punk, and even blues. Heavy drums, heavy bass, manic electric guitar, and powerful singing. The sound is not perfect, some details are unfinishetd, and Lenz’s voice is at times on the edge almost falling into the wrong tone, but she doesn’t. Rough ends included the EP is round and tight, the variety of sounds is fun and provocative.

My favorite song is “Evil Bitch,” I like Lenz’s phrasing and singing a lot in this song, I like the pace of Mian Mian’s bass, I like the cymbals’ swing interlaced with the strong rattles, and I like the guitar going over and over the same line in different ways like it’s drunk but still in control, and I like the lyrics too. “微信危险” is a fun song too with a lots of changes and a lot of strenght to do the turns, plus it’s about wechat which gives it another point for funny.

I don’t like KTVs but if I ever would be interested on going to one would be this one. 666KTV is available for “name your price” on bandcamp.

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