Goushen Dio Cane


The most impressive thing about Dio Cane is that each of its ten songs have their own identity, and all of them have strong personalities, and all together they are even stronger. Dio Cane is thick. All of the songs are in-your-face rock. The level of energy it never goes down, the band doesn’t take one minute of rest against the mediocre ones. It just gets heavier and heavier by dint of hard rock.

The album opens with “1000 Ants” saying “down the way one thousand ants walking, down the way” it can’t be more straightforward than that, and that’s the attitude all over Dio Cane and Goushen practice it consistently.

You can follow any of the four main flows of Goushen’s sound and enjoy the musical ride, they are all happening. Probably though the easiest to fall into is Lao Bi’s guitars, they are singing so many things from so many places, and all the melodies are so clear and even so much strong when Lenz’s vocals go along the guitars that then is almost impossible to not take the ride with them. The colors of Dio Cane are dropped by the guitars. I love how in “新疆往事” the spaghetti western turns into a hippie rock ballad with just one sharp turn led by the guitar mood. Dario’s drums are behind all the instruments, there they are marking the power of each moment and keeping everything on a solid strong ground, and the volume of the others is so high. Mian Mian’s bass marks the guitar and the drums just to remind them the right track, and it brings breezes of air while they all are holding to each other on the heaviest turns in the songs, check it on “地沟油.” Lenz’s vocals have evolved so much, musically her melodies are much tighter, and the little details on the tones she uses to phrase each word are used with so much more style, her range is not only wider but far more solid than what we’ve heard on her previous recordings, “My Identity” couldn’t be better sung.

Dio Cane was recorded and mixed by Aho at DB Studio. Dio Cane will be officially released at YuyinTang on October 5th, this will be the last show of Goushen’s tour and the last one with Lenz, who will leave Shanghai to Australia just a couple days after.

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