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This week Layabozi is speacially featuring Goushen because of the tour they are starting today in Qingdao, their new album Dio Cane, and the departure of their lead singer Lenz who will move to Australia next week.

Goushen has been around already for two years, they met because of music, Dario and Lenz were part of Androsace, and Lao Bi and Mian Mian were part of BigongBijing, they played several shows together, and when they both lost some members of their bands the logical progression was very obvious to them, to get together.

Goushen is formed by people that plays music because they love it, you would never see them having an attitude based on their popularity or because the quality of the music they make. They are also genuenily interested in other bands and projects that are bringing substance to the music scene of China, for example they care about going to various venues around China that they know are supporting the local scenes, also they are always going to rock shows around Shanghai interacting with established bands and interested in meeting new bands. They are commonly collaborating with anyone that is producing music with care, and they put even more care in the production of their own music, reason why they are one of the bands leading the metal scene in Shanghai, which by the way, it’s the most active in Shanghai for some time already.

Goushen is now releasing their second record Dio Cane, and today they are starting a seven days tour with seven gigs around China. We met last Saturday evening to hang after their practice at Juju studio and to talk about their new album, the tour, and a little about Lenz leaving China.


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