Images of Shanghai's First Midi Festival

On May 6th to 8th Midi festival happened for the first time in Shanghai. It was great to see thousands of rock lovers together. Midi did well,  and the bands that played there did even better (let me say, nobody miss Mr. … whatever).

We made it late to catch The Fever Machine on Saturday, but I met later Miguel who told me that the sound and the drums were so well set on the stage that when he was playing the floor of his spot was bouncing at the rhythm of his drums, and the same bounce was moving him, so he felt he was in this wave of sound that somehow grabbed him and kept him drumming, and made him had the best show he had ever. I thought that description was enough to made me regret I missed their show.

On Saturday I enjoyed much Yaksa, Hibria, and the set of DJ Trix that was memorable,  The Antidote’s stage was charged with good vibes all weekend thanks to the great production of Michael O. On Sunday, Boys Climbing Ropes, and Siesta were amazing. But of them all I have to say that my heroe of the weekend was VJ Ink who was on The Antidote stage VJing non-stop the three days that the festival was on, not only he kept it going, but he did a great job. Bands, DJs, and producers did good of course, but I was impressed by VJ Ink.

Here then we have some photos from around the festival, though most of them are about our favorite music set of the weekend. Check the awesome moshpit when Boys Climbing Ropes was playing.

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