John Tejada The Predicting Machine

John Tejada is one of the fetish artist in my Dj bag for much long.

Now he is back with another full length for the German label Kompakt. Next September 10th, 2012 will be release The Predicting Machine, another demonstration of how well Mr. Tejada develops in the recording studio with synthesizers and machines to create endless melodies with its distinctive style and very own way of treating the synthesis and structure.

One year after Parabolas, John Tejada’s first album with the Cologne label Kompakt, the producer from Los Angeles releases his second album with the respected German music brand. This is the tenth album of Tejada, this translates in a huge production experience to put on The Predicting Machine where smart techno-house flows as usual as it does in all his productions.

Starting from the first track “Orbiter” we can taste the hypnotic and Martian style of this master mind doing music. With “A Familiar Mood” emotional melodies are flowing together in harmony, then shuffling “An Ounce Of Perception” sounds really Kompakt, we can find the rhythm-less but beauty synthesis of “Winter Skies” and “Radio Channel”, then comes the track that totally put my pants down “The Function And The Form” futuristic Detroit chords with a broken rhythym, and again development of melodies trademark. The single “Stabilizer” with process voices in pad forms, and again hypnotizing sounds in symbiosis. “Glaringly Happy” another beauty gift for our ears, “Horizon To Horizon” with a great delay control to create depth in due measure, and to finish with another masterpiece from John Tejada “When All Around Is Madness” a track with a stunning musicality and exquisite surgery in its structure.

I recommended 100% The Predicting Machine to all who already love John Tejada’s music, and for those who want to discover this talented producer.




2. A Familiar Mood

3. An Ounce Of Perception

4. Winter Skies

5. Radio Channel

6. The Function And The Form

7. Stabilizer

8. Glaringly Happy

9. Horizon To Horizon

10. When All Around Is Madness

Here I leave you two previews of the album from Kompakt’s Soundcloud. Listen and enjoy:

“Radio Channel”

And “The Function And The Form”, early featured on our section Listen To.

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