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New EP! Yes!

MHP and Shanghai Ultra, the duo of masters behind the darkness of VOID, THE techno crew of China, are releasing an EP labeled Cratesavers International, the Detroit label of fame of Scan 7.

The four tracks in The Chinese Connection will make you cry for the best sound system that money can buy, they are deep dark elegant techno from beginning to end.

“Love’s Witness” by MHP, is a techno house track with a loop that evolves in space and slides over the night moving you to dance and trip the groove of the beats. Great synth sounds. “Anthem For Doomed Youth”, the famous poem by Wilfred Owen, by MHP and Shanghai Ultra takes me to that unforgettable party at that warehouse by VOID, even in my tiny speakers this track sounds enormous, covering all around with magnificence of Roman proportions, it’s luxurious, scary, and it goes through you. “Preteriest” is the Shanghai Ultra Yunan Mix for an original of MHP, this is electronic techno beating at 189 Kbps, this one is for the late party, it last over nine minutes and it could well go on for longer time, the decoration is fun and magnetic, and the rhythm is more fun for dancing. “Tonal Of  The Rainy Season” is an old release of MHP inspired in a rainy scene of sci-fi style, a sci-fi vision of elevated roads, and night lights distorted by the texture of the rain over the city, these are MHP sci-fi dreams expressed in sounds.

The cover of the album was designed by Yang Yongliang an important and great graphic artist that MHP admires. The connection between MHP and Yang Yongliang turned into a new chapter for MHP, one that is still evolving, about that I’ll tell you on a different article. Yang Yongliang’s created a science fantasy landscape  of China mixed with the nocturnal sci-fi dreams of MHP. This one you might want to have it big on one of your walls.

The Chinese Connection is indeed a nocturnal fantasy in sounds, techno in penumbra, expanding beats that amplify the space around you. It’s specially enjoyable the design of the space in the sound, the beats in The Chinese Connection radiate refinement, and the depth and the silences form an embracing space around the listener.

The Chinese Connection will be officially release on Friday November 16th at The Shelter.




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