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Pet Conspiracy is one of the most popular and strong electro bands in China. They are releasing tomorrow, 25th of September their latest work, the EP Noise From The Future, produced by their founder member Huzi. Together with the EP they will start a tour this week that will take them to the most important cities around China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Macao and many more around Asia. Later in November they will tour in Europe.     Founded in 2007 by Huzi, Helen Feng, and LIman, Pet Conspiracy established quickly as one of the lead electronic bands in China, not only because of its outstanding line up, but also because of the succes they had on their first tour to Europe.  Few bands from China have reached Europe, Pet Conspiracy was one of the first ones, and one of the most efficient, opening new doors for them, and for new indie bands from China too. Since their origin they have been very focused, keeping on creating and producing music, and touring every year in China and Europe. Their profesionalism, the good management of their promotion, and most of all their creativity, has won them the respect of the most important media for music in China, and Asia. They have also gone through a few changes; in 2008 Edo and Yun Yun joined the band, then on 2009 LIman left, and Mary joined, and later on 2010 Helen Feng left the band. The exit of Helen Feng was a deciding moment for the band, an important change at the very least,  fans and followers of the band  felt much uncertainty about the future of the band. It is great to know now, that these changes have not caused any damage to the band but as any changes in life has made them stronger, even though the band now rejects to talk about the past, it is clear that they have move forward. Pet Conspiracy has lots of layers to analyze and talk about besides their music. The changes of members, their histrionism on stage, the evolution of their music, their tour history, and the multicultural constitution of the band. With two members from China, and two members from Italy, Pet Conspiracy is one of the bands in China that has outdated the difference between “local” and “foreign” bands. Their multicultural formation has been managed in a smart area, between “useful” and “not important”, quietly they have been settling a positive reference for bands that trascend frontiers from their roots. Pet Conspiracy has established as one of the most important bands from China, because their music is solid, and because of the smart direction given by its members. Their live performances are famous, they are known for dedicating energy to the design of their concerts, it is evident that the moment on the stage is important to them, during their performances there are no steady musicians on the stage, all of them are turned on, it is actually difficult to not enjoy their concerts. Pet Conspiracy produce electrifying shows, inexcusable to miss if they pass by your city. This is what Lupen talked with them about Noise From The Future and the new tour. LAYABOZI: Please tell us a bit about your new EP Noise From The Future, how many tracks are there? And what did inspire them? Pet Conspiracy: The EP has five tracks: “Noise From The Future”, “Don’t panic”, “Dio”, “Into The Light”, and “Lonely Star”. While composing this EP, we started to play with the concepts of space, future and parallel dimensions… and put some of this on each song, sometimes on the lyrics, sometimes on the music, and finally in our new visual show, which we are going to bring all around China starting from Shanghai. That’s how Noise From A Future came to light, like a star star crash out of our synths. LYBZ: The EP was recorded in China but you guys did the final mix and master in Switzerland. What difference do you feel between the sound produced in this album with your earlier works? Pet Conspiracy: The album has been recorded in our studio in Beijing, mixed down in Swiss and mastered in Germany. We cooperated with two sound engineers in Switzerland for the mix down: Dan Suter for “Don’t Panic”. and Sarna for the rest of the EP, and it was very cool. Mixing is very important since it’s like composing your music a second time, and choosing the right frame for your picture. Working abroad gives you thousands of new inputs and made us discovered new ways to work on music. LYBZ: How long did it take to record this EP? And why did you choose to do an EP instead of an album? Pet Conspiracy: Three months more or less. We did not plan to publish an EP or a full album, to be sincere we did not plan to have any new record at all, this year. These five tracks came out so naturally and so quick, we did not feel that we need to add anything more. LYBZ: What label is producing the album? Pet Conspiracy: Unlike the previous works, this time we decided to sign with a label, actually two of them. So our EP will be first published right before our tour by a Chinese underground label, and in the upcoming months it will be launched in the west by a European one as well. LYBZ: During the production of this album did you notice evolutions in your ways to produce music, and in your music itself? Pet Conspiracy: The working process was completely different this time. Up to now, we often used to roughly compose one song and immediately go to play it on stage, without thinking too much about the details. Then, after a while, we used to go back to studio and rethink the song over to make it work for the album.  This time, we first fully composed, refined and mixed all the songs in the studio, and only after that we are going to play them on stage. This new way seems working pretty well and we are very excited about it. LYBZ: What is the song that made you sweat while recording it?  Pet Conspiracy: None of them actually. We had various songs ideas in mind to put in the EP, and we chose only those which were perfectly fitting the general atmosphere and feeling, so the whole process was very fluid and easy. LYBZ: After recording this EP, do you know what you want to record next? Pet Conspiracy: Let us finish the tour first! Then we will hopefully take some holidays and get back to the studio for the next round. LYBZ:  You guys just came back from Switzerland, now you have the China Tour, and right after you will visit South Korea. Is there any difference in how Chinese audiences and foreign audiences receive you? Pet Conspiracy: Actually, every audience is different, from country to country and even from city to city sometimes, especially in China. It is very important for a band to have different audiences and different feedbacks, since it kind of trains you as a performer. That can give
you a lot emotionally. That is one of the best things of having the opportunity to tour in various counties in the world. LYBZ: You’ve been part of the electronic scene of China long now, what do you think that has been your part in this scene? Pet Conspiracy: That’s very hard for us to answer to this question… probably we were able to mix together a bit of rock, a bit of electro and a bit of theatre… yes, this is probably what we are doing and this is for sure what we like to do. LYBZ: What are your critics to the current state of the music scene in China? Pet Conspiracy: The scene is growing and developing fast, but still needs more international exposure and international experience to get a broader perspective on music and fresher ideas. This still needs a bit of time, and Internet will surely help fostering this process. LYBZ: What bands are you into? Pet Conspiracy: Our local favorites are always Re-TROS LYBZ: Is the band evolving as you have expected or dreamed? Pet Conspiracy: Not at all! If it was like this, we would have stopped already. Feeling that you can be better – and going for it – is what makes you renew yourself every time and also helps you not to get bored! LYBZ: For the end, what noise do you hear from the future? Pet Conspiracy: Everything you want to hear, but should always have some power in it.     Pet Conspiracy’s Noise From The Future Tour 2012 September 28th – Shanghai, MAO Livehouse September 29th – Hangzhou, Code Space October 1sr –  Shenzhen, Idutang October 3rd – Guangzhou, Tutu Club (TBC) October 4th  to 7th – South Korea Tour October 19th – Beijing, Yugong Yishan November 8th –  Macao – Hush Music Festival November 17th –  Tianjin, 13 Club

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