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To play this record at home I had to put a cushion below my subwoofer to avoid issues with my neighbors. My solution is not helping very much really. Moss Temple basses go through the ground straight to the doors of hell. Hopefully Satan likes it too.

S L V is a duo of bass and beats geeks that emerged from the darkest shadows of The Shelter. The place to go for a bass massage in China. And Moss Temple is a Zen Buddhist Temple. Not metaforically but in real life. Downstate was going to visit it, and Hamacide, the other half of S L V, was helping him to do the paper work necessary to apply and get the permission to visit them. The name came “as a sort of joke, let’s call the new SLV Moss Temple, and then we just kept it” tells Downstate. He also said that the titles of the songs are meaningless, while they are in process they save the files with names like shit1233 until someone throws out a name and if it sounds well they just keep it. Like “Chishik” is a bad cheap vodka from Family Mart.

Moss Temple quickly sounds likable but it’s heavy too, it demands for attention. The rhythyms are fun, basses are shaking, they are made to be played at The Shelter, or at any other place where they are equipped to do bass therapies for bones and marrow. It has trips through jungles and galaxies, and it’s as strange as it is sweet. S L V’s style.

S L V are good at making fun beats, groovy, and body intelligent (yes, that’s a thing), great for dancers. The five tracks of Moss Temple are very probably all good party starters. Of those that can change the mood, clear the air, and bring everybody’s attention to the music with yells and wows before jumping to a moment of serious dance.

Moss Temple was released in August this year under the wings of Svbkvlt’s label. Its fifth track is a remix of “Chishik” done by Scratcha DVA of Hyperdub’s fame, who is also friends with the Svbkvlt and The Shelter’s hang, hence the connection with the duo. When his remix is playing I can hear my wall’s painting flaking, and my walls have a pretty thick and awesome painting.

In Moss Temple all is focused in a celebration for bass junkies.

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