Shanghai, Rock for PETA

Andy Best seems to have a knack for following his principles and then following through. Recently he decided to get involved in PETA and start a no-fur campaign here in Shanghai. He arranged a “revealing” photo shoot with designer Kaine Love and members of  Candy Shop (nice ribs, Andy) and set up a show at Yuyintang to promote the cause. The photos were shot by photographer Tim Franco in a studio provided by local promoters Splitworks. Here you have the essence of grassroots initiatives, community activism, DIY – whatever you want to call it. And now it has garnered some international attention.

Check out this article for Discovery Channel’s “Planet Green”.

Also, the photo shoot.

Not to mention China’s PETA site.

Finally, the 81 (sounds like bu yao) Fur Show page.

And, for good measure, Andy’s blog.

We want to commend everyone involved for finding a cause they are passionate about (no fur, the ethical treatment of animals) and making something happen. If you are sympathetic to this cause, check out the websites, contact Andy to find out how you can help and, by all means, get out to Yuyintang on February 25th for the show.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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