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他们用缓慢的节奏冲击着后摇滚和车库摇滚;他们既不属于后摇滚,也不属于车库摇滚;他们是自赏噪音;他们是Skip Skip Ben Ben。他们的音乐如同一列缓缓爬行的蒸汽火车,驶向地平线尽头的小站,用亚洲的乐舞交织演绎着美国西部电影的阴郁狂野。车旅途中,微弱的女声隐隐传出,仿佛在讲述她自己的故事。纵贯Sacrifice Mountain Hills(献祭山丘)九首歌,她都在试图打破音乐的噪声,但终究失败。她就在那里,笼罩在遥远的光环下,可望而不可及。

跟着基本的鼓点摇摆,仿佛看到那辆火车,喷着白气,行驶在贫瘠而又神秘的土地上,耳中的贝司和吉他声循环往复,哭喊着他们所经之途的痛苦,让人迷失自我。一首接着一首,Skip Skip Ben Ben步步紧逼,让我们很难再想起,我从哪里来,要到哪里去。歌行末尾,才有一个短暂的休息,恢复神智,环顾四周,却发现到我们仍在之前所处。刚刚发觉这一点,他们鼓点又起,再次向我们的意识宣战,重新将我们绑架回那场漫无目的旅程,一路荒芜,只有车库摇滚的残羹冷炙和No Beijing(无北京)乐队的战争。




A slow paced attack on post rock and garage rock alike, Skip Skip Ben Ben are to be classified as neither the one nor the other, but as noisegaze. Their music is like a slow moving steam train crawling its way towards a station at the end of the horizon. It’s something taken from a gloomy Wild West movie, intermixed with Asian choreography. On the train’s journey, a faint female voice can be heard that is telling her own story. Throughout the nine songs of Sacrifice Mountain Hills she is trying to break through the noise of the music but fails, giving her a remote aura of someone that is somehow there but not graspable.

Nod your head to the basic beat, imagine the train steaming its way across a barren yet mysterious landscape, and lose yourself in the bass and guitar loops crying out to you about the painful path they have taken. From song to song, Skip Skip Ben Ben pushes further ahead and makes it difficult to remember from whence you came or to where you are heading. Only once a song comes to an end do they offer us a brief break to clear our minds, look around, and realize we are still where we had been before. Upon that realization, they slam the drums again and declare war on our conscience one more time, kidnapping us again to a journey without aim along the wastelands of garage rock leftovers and No Beijing band battles.

For me there is no major difference between the individual songs though “Parking” and “Kaze” offer a faster pace than songs like “Childhood” or “Sand”. In the end they merge together as a cohesive album that promises no more than it offers: consistent noisegaze without surprises.


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  1. Josh

    Hmm. I thought much higher of this album. I only started listening to in a few weeks ago, but its grown on me a lot. Ben Ben is an excellent guitarist/songwriter, reminding me of Yang Fan’s riffs from Hang on the Box and especially Ourself Beside Me. It’s not standard chords/power chords she’s doing. It’s beautiful and the vocals add just the right touch to the powerful, entrancing riffs. I think there is enough diversity and it flows very well as a whole. I appreciate other people’s reviews because it takes a lot of time to listen to, decipher the meaning of and choose the correct words. I couldn’t have done a better job than you, so good work. I just can’t agree with the review though.


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