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Lately many great artist are giving away his works on Soundcloud, remixes, edits, re- edits, bootlegs and original tracks that sure many DJs around the world are more than thankfull to download for free and use it in their sets as much I do.

I think this is a really nice way for the artist to promote himself, and to make happy hundreds of followers. In fact not always are big stars those who share their tracks, then this is a nice way to discover new talents and people who love music like we do.

I made a selection of ten tracks that I found super interesting, and I gladly share with you guys, about musical styles, the many of the selected tracks are within the electronic dance music but that will be always be my choice, as we say in my country for each different taste there are thousands of colors. Thats why I invite you to select and comment on this article with your links for free download tracks that you have found and like on Soundcloud. Please only tracks no DJ sets or similar. And if you like the tracks I selected, I shall return to select more free download tracks for you guys.

As I always say music is like love, something to share!

Sano  “En Negro”

To start a fresh track of house music that reached me today, pimp house with elements of salsa and disco music in its rhythm. I will play this track soon in my next gigs.


Rob Belleville “Sole Survivor”


I’ve been on the trail of Rob Belleville, actually I consider him a good friend, Rob gives to us a pretty good track full of a elaborate Detroit sound.


Arjun Jalebee “I feel Secret Love” (Arjun Vagale Bootleg)

Arjun Vagale from New Delhi, India, gives us this version bootleg of a super famous dancefloor track.


Rivet –  ‘‘Sundry” (Rivet’s Analogue Freemix)

Skudge Records sharing this wonderful piece in form of new remix of “Sundry” the last release from the Canadian artist Rivet, who self remix again this track in analog form.


Terence Fixmer – “Fiction Out”

This gift is packed with dark matter, the French producer Terence Fixmer gives to us this techno track for our enjoyment.


“Sometime Yesterday” Phases Recordings (2001)

One of my favorite artists for many years, Mr. Santiago Salazar gives us this old school track that was released eleven years ago, super class!


Burnski – “Somebody” (Gotye) Burnski Rooftops Edit

From Berlin Burnski gives us his version of the well-known track from Gotye “Somebody That I Used To Know” (feat. Kimbra), this edit ia a much more danceable version than the original of course.


Burnski “Hold On” (SBTRKT Feat Sampha) Burnski Desert Edit

And we continue with the Berliner Burnski, this time makes another cut edit from another kuller track SBTRKT featuring Sampha“Hold On”, giving to the track his dancefloor vision keeping it elegant and beautiful.


Adreas Zead “Midnight Serenity”

From Athens, Greece. It seems the monetary crisis is not of people with ideas such Adreas Zead, as responsible of online radio Viasound, that I highly recommend you to hear. This track start like a techno dud and after a while the break beat base give the track a new dimension. Love it !


Jimmy Edgar Edit Portishead  “Machinegun”

To conclude this first selection an edit of those that can’t leave you indifferent, the Detroit based Jimi Edgar gives us a techno version of the well known track of the famous band Portishead. This track is pure dope !


I hope you guys enjoy downloading this seleccion  as I do, spread the word around, and please give me feedbacks for future seleccions! Hope you guys enjoy.

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