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yoU aRe yoU moves like its letters, first seems its randomly but it’s not. And it moves a lot too. It’s great to have the CD to go over its booklet while listening it. It has nice images and the lyrics come in Chinese and English. I’m very happy that this time I got the physical album. It’s actually the first time I can get one of their CDs.*

Subs is the band that belongs to the geeks of yaogun, it’s a band that’s so well rooted in its ground that it’s difficult to imagine them going wrong, that’s why yaogun geeks like their music. It’s awesome that I agree with the crowd on this because I would probably be a bit uncomfortable to confront them, that wouldn’t stop me but I wouldn’t enjoy it so so so much. The Subs are a festivals’ band with a steady crowd that would never to do a thing to dissapoint Kang Mao, the queen of the mosh pit and of the crowd surfers, really the rock queen of China.

yoU aRe yoU begins with a new sound, the bass was replaced by Kang Mao’s keyboard. It’s good, it works. After a couple of minutes listening the first song inevitably a question appears, are they going to sound always like this now? Then, the second song comes, and ah! There they are! The Subs rocking out destroying anything that crosses their path. Kang Mao pushing us around. Kicking our asses to stand up and move, to go crazy with her. Then the third song, “Much,” is a blend of the first and the second song plus an extra charge of heavy darkness. Heavy but easy, like a familiar new vibe. Listening to Kang Mao sing this song makes you think that things must happen to her to sing like that.

A bit later in “Tomorrow Knows The Answer” we listen to Kang Mao sing impertinently “I saw her writing a letter on water, and the lake was blue / sun couldn’t read it, but left moonshine.” And we like it.

The rhythyms are tight and fun. The drummer in the recording is their previous drummer Carl Steven. Now the drummer is former ChuiWan’s Josh Feola. So the psychedelic vibe that appears in yoU aRe yoU came to Subs before him. It will sure be interesting to see what brings Josh to these new songs of Subs when they come to play.**

The lyrics are primitive even in their grammar, “gone by hundred years/shivering legs knelt down by iron and steam/the last hundred years/robots marrying her marrying him.” And then this “I gave you all of me, you have that still/but why should I dance to your pipe”.

“Yours” was born to be huge. This is a festivals’ anthem. It exist for Kang Mao to crowd surf and drive everybody crazy. We are going to be singing and dancing these songs for a long time. yoU aRe yoU is banging from 00:00 to 40:16. I can’t wait to see the Subs soon at a festival

*Thanks Josh and Laura!

**Subs‘ next shows are listed on their Douban page. Lucky Shanghai is having them just on the next days playing Shanghai Midi Festival on October 1st,  and even sooner playing a smaller gig this Friday (yes, tomorrow) at the Shanghai Museum Of Contemporary Art, and this gig is free you just need to send  a message to the organizers to be on the guest list through their Douban page.

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