The Cherries of The Ice Cream Truck on the MIDI Festival

Shanghai’s electronic music scene is still in development, during the last three years the amount of DJs in town has grown much, on one side this has killed the dream of DJs making more money than a CEO, which was one of the characteristics of Shanghai’s clubs scene until then. Now there are many DJs that have to get other jobs to pay their rents, therefore the competition for getting gigs has become stronger, but even they don’t get gigs for over one thousand dollars per night, they still can make a living playing around Shanghai if they work hard, other way they can still have other jobs and get to play cheap gigs in interesting spots, with audiences that are actually paying attention to what they are playing. There’s also the increase flow of students, and younger professionals coming to Shanghai for a job, among them are young music lovers inspired to pursuit a hobby or a music career with a serious mind on it, looking forward to become solid and creative electronic musicians. All this has summed turning Shanghai on a nest for electronic musicians. In addition, the foreign guest DJs coming to play to Shanghai athough are less the kind of DJs “number 2 on the top ranking of the electronic hill of the stroboscopic gods” are much more the kind of producers, founders, and vanguardist guys that are really into adventure and music. So when they come they are actually leaving their two yuans motivating Shanghai electronic scene with their feedbacks about Shanghai’s scene, and with their windows open to collaborate with those guys that are leading the electronic movement here. It’s all still very young and in development, but there’s a lot of activity, and search, and energy spent in the electronic music scene of Shanghai, so much that Shanghai is welcoming and hosting e-musicians from all over China that want to develop themselves as professional electronic musicians. So much, that is looking way more active than in Beijing, which shouldn’t be really important, but it is, just because like it or not, there’s this traditional rivalry between the two cities. So, yes, Beijing has a big rock and punk and pop and classic musis scene, but Shanghai has a big electronic and jazz scene, stronger. Shanghai then is proving to the cynics to be more than just a cold business city, and electronic music is one of the sources that’s setting this point.

The electronic stage for MIDI has been organized before by DJs related to Shanghai, but this time The Ice Cream Truck guys are taking care of it, and these guys are actually regulars and experts on the nestling and familiar atmosphere around the happy streets: 幸福 Road and 永福 Road, experienced on organizing parties, energetic, fun, and clever to target who are the electronic musicians that are solid enough to guide the crowd on sweet electronic trips from their control desk.

Now. The MIDI Festival is organized by leaders of Beijing’s rock scene, very much centered on rock bands from Beijing too. They chose The Ice Cream Truck crew, Shanghairen, to produce the electronic, or dance stage, so we could expect that this edition of the MIDI turn to be a perfect summatory of the contemporary music scene of our freaking republic.

Prepare yourself we recommend you to take a rain coat with you, to have the batteries of your camera and yours fully charged, to find the way to provide yourself constantly with enough cold beer and liquids in general, maybe even consider watermelons to keep yourself hydrated, and start to listen to the music of the guys introduced below here.

Deville Playing on day 2 from 16:30 to 18:00

What’s your name? Blaise Deville

Where are you from? Geneva, Switzerland

What the hell are you doing here? Something related to music?

What’s your favorite kind of music? Psychedelic Rock

Why are you a DJ? (Why do you like to twist knobs?) Because my former band split.

What’s you classic dance move? DJs can’t dance! (In between us the only dance move i can do is the sidewalk.)

5 songs that you play or would love to play on every set of yours? Googoosh “Talagh” – Vandal Cock “Imp Girl” – Selda “Ince Ince” – The Heliocentrics & Mulatu Aske “Cha Cha” – Eddie Kendricks “Intimate Friends”

How’s the set you are preparing for midi? DJs don’t prepare their sets! (They are way too lazy for that.)

Milan J – Playing on day 2 from 18:00 to 19:30

What’s your name? – Milan Jahnke

Where are you from? – Germany

What the hell are you doing here? – I have been here for 10 years. Graduated from German School Shanghai, worked for Bayer China ltd for 2 years and now going to Jiao Tong.

What’s your favorite kind of music? – Techno & Drum and Bass

Why are you a DJ? (Why do you like to twist knobs?) – I don’t like the knobs but the knobs like me?!

What’s you classic dance move?- The pepper mill!!!?

5 songs that you play or would love to play on every set of yours? – Well depends on what genre, but if I could make a ”Mash Up” set of different genres then Legion from Total Science & S.P.Y, Follow Me Down feat. Sleepy Sun – Fergie Excentric Muzik Mix from Unkle, The Voice from Thyladomid, Allma de dios loko mix – aki bergen and cubism from davide squillace?

How’s the set you are preparing for midi? – Drum and Bass!!!

Steven LorenzPlaying on DAY 2 from 21:00 to 22:30

My name is Steven Lorenz

I’m from France but never lived there..

I’m in China to bring the underground music here… show the real clubbing culture we have in Europe and other countries (sic).

My favorite kind of music is Dubstep/Minimal Techno and Electro

I’m a DJ because Music is my religion and a reason for me to stay on this planet, I like to twist knobs because it’s what makes me go kind of in trance…(I’m controling the sound and the sound controls the crowd)

My classic dance move… lol… well if it’s minimal Techno I’ll just shake my head for hours.. if it’s electro I’ll jump and stand on the DJ set… if it’s Dubstep, i’ll act like I’m fighting with someone .

I’m a Producer as well so I’d love to one day just play all the tracks I’ve made in one set.

My set I’m preparing for midi is progressive… I’m warming up for DJ Siesta so I’ll play deep dubstep to more hardcore stuff and trance dubstep style stuff, then attack the DnB so Siesta can take over and make all your minds blow!

FishPlaying on DAY 3 from 15:00 to 16:30

Name: Fish Zhao

From: Shanghai

Doing: Djing at MIDI for the Yuan stage

Music: Acid House and Chinese Chilli Pop songs

Why a dj: Because it was what I could only do when i dropped out from my school

Dance move: one leggy digging to americano!

5 songs: Sprung Minimism – Wink; Higher State of Consciousness – Wink; Sustains the Bass – Gassyoh; This is Acid – Maurice; Empire State of Mind – xoxxoxo (neweeeereew yorerrerereka!~ hahaha)

The set: It’s gonna be nice for people who’s drinking at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Evil EinsteinsPlaying on DAY 3 from 16:30 to 18:00

What’s your name?
Charles Lamont Wolcott aka One Consciousness aka Chucky D! aka MC Escher aka your father.

Where are you from?
Boston and Boulder.

What the hell are you doing here?
I’m starting a new international sports league called The TRI Federation with my friend. oh, and I rap mad nice.

What’s your favorite kind of music?
Hip Hop, but I like faster beats that get people moving more than just their heads as well.

Why are you a DJ? (Why do you like to twist knobs?)?
I’m not a DJ because Mix Master Maculate is my roommate. I’ll record a rap, give it to him, then he’ll build the beat around my rhymes Dr. Dre style. We’ve both learned enough from each other to know we don’t want to switch trades.

What’s you classic dance move?
You know when people stall a hacky sack or a soccer ball and then they pop it up and do a circle around it with their foot. I used to practice double circle stalls; now my knee cap really kicks ass! So if there’s one thing I got from that stupid trick, it’s a Triple Circle Cartilage Killer.

5 songs that you play or would love to play on every set of yours?
I prefer to start a show at an average hip hop bpm of like 95 or so before getting into the really fast dance stuff. It sucks when I start a set around 130 cause I fly through my written rhymes and resort to free-styling half the show. I can improvise my ass off, but mentally, it’s a much harder workout. Regardless, I always spit until my voice is gone.

How’s the set you are preparing for midi?
We’re working on a long-ass-song called “300” where I flow forever with no rests while Maculate cuts up and mixes da classics. He’s getting pretty tight with the scratching so we’re excited to do some back and forth stuff. By the second half of the show, I hope to just be in the crowd jumping up and down to some funky dance beats with my eyes shut giving the microphone everything I’ve got.

EMPFAB Playing on DAY 3 from 18:00 to 19:30

What’s your name? (artist name or real name?)
Olaf aka Emperor Fabulous or Empfab in short

Where are you from?

What the hell are you doing here?
I am a web designer for a social media network

What’s your favorite kind of music?
the one that tickles my dance senses

Why do you like to twist knobs?
pure debauchery ^^

What’s your classic dance move?
the sexy dance

5 songs that you play or would love to play on every set of yours?
I am producing my own tunes and thus I am trying to bring in 2 new tunes every time I play.

How’s the set you are preparing for midi?

*LLNDPlaying on DAY 4 from 21:00 to 22:30

What’s your name? – *LLND

Where are you from? – we are a duo from Paris, France

What the hell are you doing here? – working on sound/video, interactive art projects and also loving life with our 3 years old boy…

What’s your favorite kind of music? – brain twisting music, a metaphysical mixture between noise, breaks and tek-nO

Why are you a DJ? (Why do you like to twist knobs?) – We have 15 years background in electronic worlds sound and visuals are our passion, we create live our own sound and images, discovering new horizons of sensations is really exciting and deeply possible with electronic music and live visual art .

What’s you classic dance move? – No classics, except may be the tap dancing, we’re mostly freestyle punk dancers

5 songs that you play or would love to play on every set of yours? – Each of our sets are live, so we avoid repeating ourselves … you can listen to five short extracts of our recent liveset in The Shelter, Shanghai.

How’s the set you are preparing for midi?  –  Our set for midi will be audio-visual live act, the sound will travel from ambient dub-tek, break-beat , broken-beat, techno, and some surprises on the mic … the visuals will be like live cinema, using a set up of objects, cameras, and video mixers … you can find a lot of archives on

See you there!

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