The Fever Machine Set to Release New Vinyl

Good news for headbangers everywhere: The Fever Machine have a new release coming up. It’s not a full-length follow up to last year’s debut, Living in Oblivion, but it’s exciting nonetheless. The band will release two new tracks on oxblood vinyl (nerds just creamed themselves), via Beijing’s boutique record label Genjing Records.

The Fever Machine are one of the more accomplished bands playing in Shanghai now. Dan Shapiro in the lead on vocals and guitar has a lot of talent and charisma. Fabien Barbet on bass brings rock solid rhythms and also an overwhelming sense of that hard to define essence, cool. It would be an understatement to say that Miguel Bustamante on drums simply holds it down. It’s more like one of those sports cars that has to have a bump in its hood because it can’t hold the beast of the engine without it.

In terms of the new music, they have given us two very different songs. The single, “La Chupacabra”,  is an exploding cigar of a track, a nocturnal cattle massacre masquerading as a stoner rock waltz. It was previewed on Layabozi earlier this year, but now it has new mix for vinyl and mp3 and will be released digitally next month. I really enjoy the guitar tracking and overdubs, which I know Dan spends a fair amount of time crafting. Fabien has a funky yet steady swing that stays right where it needs to be.

“Careful What You Wish For” is, in the band’s own words, “a sludgy mid-tempo space rocker,” and I won’t argue too much there. All in all, the vinyl single packs a lot of punch for just 7 inches of plastic.

What’s more, you can celebrate this momentous occasion with the band. Saturday, December 1, 2012, the band will unveil their vinyl-only release with a live show at Shanghai’s YuYinTang as part of the 2012 Booshkabash Music Festival. Supporting The Fever Machine are Shanghai retro garage quartet Banana Monkey and hardcore purists Spill Your Guts. The first 250 entrants to the show will receive a complimentary copy of “La Chupacabra.”


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