This weekend the darkest crew from Shanghai turns six years old, that is six years of great moments around techno music thanks to the force that keeps alive the pilot light inspiring Void’s founders, Ma Haiping MHP, Nat Alexander, and Cameron Wilson known as the hooded Shanghai Ultra who is also the keeper of the deep darkness in the Void.

It was six years ago that Nat met Cammy and MHP, and together they took the power of Thursday nights at the center of underground music at that time, the old Logo. Since then they have produced gigs every month, and many of them have been huge. On the top of the list is for sure the unforgettable party at the warehouse from which we will always have the memory of the epic set Shanghai Ultra played that night, and the constant wish of having another epic party like that. Void has brought amazing artists to play to Shanghai too, just to name some, Rrose, Ceephax Acid Crew, Surgeon, Juan Atkins, Neil Landstrumm, Inigo Kennedy, Oscar Mulero, Dj Bone,Vince Watson, Santiago Salazar, Substance, and so many more that have been playing along with the house DJs of Void, techno fundamentalists all, local forces, they are Fish, B6, Ben Huang, Doggy, WenSen, Chris Jobs, TzuSing, Zammo, and of course, Nat Alexander, MHP, and Void’s epicenter Shanghai Ultra.

Since I realized it was going to be their sixth anniversary I knew how I wanted to do this article to show my respect to the work done by Void, these are guys that have kept their mission and vision clear and solid since the first moment they began, I admire that, their unbreakable conviction is inspiring. I appreciate each of the parties they have organized, I have enjoyed them very much, I have danced endlessly to Shanghai Ultra’s set,  often I listen to his sets at home too, as I also listen often to the music of MHP, which I love and consider of high value in my music archive. When I think of techno, I think of Void.

Said this, then I want to guide you to experience, remember, and enjoy these provocations to your senses produced by Void.





While you listen to this music, check this interview to ShanghaiUltra and Nat Alexander due to the second anniversary of Void that was on 2009. Later do the right thing and stop to see that classic set of Shanghai Ultra I mentioned earlier. After that you must listen (several times, even forever) to MHP’s The Chinese Conection.

Then play with your memory and see which of these flyers you remember, and be ready for the celebration this Saturday at The Shelter.

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