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  1. Yang Yu

    a pity you guys missed out the first band BEFORE THE DAWN!

    btw, you should add the word “Metal” into tags of this article, big time! _m/

    thanks guys!

  2. mache

    yeah, it was pretty bad we missed them. …but somehow is good too, now I don’t want to miss them next chance I have, and I’m hoping more metal will come from Finland to China. I really like the Finnish sound.

    metal and heavy metal tags are now added! -m/

  3. Lisa

    The Finns did a great job, and their collaborations also included a performance by Cold Fairyland’s Lin Di and a Finnish metal xylophonist. I alas missed most of the downtown events, but the Finnish Day Gala Show at Expo, along with Lin Di, featured local artist Pan Jianfeng, local choreographer Jin Xing, as well as some Shanghai pop singers and jazz musicians I’m not familiar with. It was an amazing show, and represents the best of what the Expo could be but rarely is. Let’s hope more countries (including the local government) learn from their example.

  4. Yang Yu

    unfortunatedly, the finnish jazz ppl performed the same night when we had our Helfest in MAO, even a planed Shanghai Jazz Club check out tour had to be canceled in the end due to complication with gears and other activities :( next time!

    Amazing live shots, btw!

  5. Jeff

    Awesome concert photos you got there!!

  6. zack

    @ Lisa: Yes, they did an amazing job. That is what I pictured a sanely managed WORLD Expo as. Let’s hope the rest of the world is as well-managed. Just a hodge-podge of music that the country has to offer in different venues all around, including the Expo site itself. Germany, you’re on the clock. Something tells me they will have it planned down to the micro-instant.

  7. zack

    And yes, @betti and @jeff: The photos are really awesome. I love the one that is on the front page with all the devil hand horns and the crazy dude in the background.

  8. Betti Na

    Thank you so much guys !! I really appreciate :) 
    It was actually a pleasure to take these pictures! First I enjoyed the music, I wasn’t familiar with metal and even less with Finnish bands… and I loved both! But not only I loved the music, the environment was absolutely captivating, which is even what’s even more delightful for a photographer trying to catch the vibes. The crowd was electrified, and the bands were awesomely good live performers! It was a blast!


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