JZ Festival, The Final Sequence


The weekend of October 20th and 21st was the eighth edition of JZ Festival, one more to count in the memorable history of JZ.

Great things happened those days, marvelous and delicious things, including lots of great music too. Among the greatest moments for music during those days we, the Layabozi reporters, specially enjoyed the show of The Word, that featured the participation of our dear big duck Mike B. on bass, we are not much into mixing our laundry with our food, but objectively, they rocked awfully well. We also enjoyed a lot the performance of Coco Zhao and The JZ Big Band, and the passing by of the Brazilian Marching Band, a moving batucada. The Afrosonic Orchestra kicked ass bad on the big stage. We were happily surprised by the guys of Hildegard Lernt Fliegen who had the widest musical landscape we’ve seen in a long time, with an awesome performance including the best-song-ever with a fake typewriter (if you want to understand what I’m talking about you can start checking their website).

All the Layabozi crew was set on being there for AM444, as we are all big fans of their work, and we were anxiously waiting for their new album, but sadly their performance was not so happy mostly due to sound problems, and probably a lack of preparation for the event. B6 performance was neither as awesome as expected, not because of B6, but because of the live musicians with him who showed appreciation for a musical language that was not as appealing as the one that we know from B6. Roy Hargrove was fine, but we couldn’t avoid to compare them with The Afrosonic Orchestra who did a much solid show. Great times with Alec Haavik Friction Alliance, and with Chekov too.

Finally, the cherry of the weekend was Ochun, I must say I was the most surprised to enjoy them, I’m not a fan of Latin music, as it’s called, they constantly explained me that it was Cuban music really, but to me, being  a rock head, I wrongly have all those rhythms in the same box. Anyway, Ochun, from New York, they almost totally convinced me that I actually like Cuban music. It was really cool to see all the people dancing to their songs, everybody was smiling around The River stage, they made people very happy with their elegant Latin swing, possibly I was the happiest around enjoying their music and giving away the most explosive baijiu gummy bears ever.

Great times, JZ Festival! Let me end this with a written ovation to all the people working on the organization of this event, all amazing jugglers, nice people bringing happiness to the world! And very special thanks to Mark Elliot, Vivi, Lina, and Ren for their kindness with Layabozi.

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