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Last weeks we’ve been silent, sorry about that. I was fighting a machines’ rebellion, and just now we found peace again (the machines and me). Done with that. We are back with a late but nice photo review by Squinzi of  JZ Festival.

I literally had an overdose of music, at the end of Sunday after listening to so much music it seemed like all the sounds around me were music, so much I couldn’t concentrate on what people was really saying because I was listening only doobedoobeedodedooobedops instead of words (Alec’s brownie, and previous jelly shots, plus the lack of sleeping time for three days could have helped to that too). The vibe was really great at the end of Sunday when we were at JZ club with some friends most of whom were playing during the festival, everybody was shinning happy because of the fun with music, a lot of batteries were recharge during that weekend. Some of the great shows I caught were Heidi Krenn with her friends on the first stage were the acoustic was just perfect for Heidi’s voice, it was like listening to velvet, sweet sweet, I was with Charles Foldesh, drummer of the band, and after a couple hours after the show he was still smiling because of how great was the gig. Jojo Mayer and his band were amazing, and later when they jammed at JZ Club too. Well, that was an epic weekend. Long ago, I know. But awesome.

Last weekend was great too, Androsace released their first album, there’s a review about it coming soon. And The Antidote had Slugabed at The Shelter with an awesome party by Blaise, Drunk Monk and Heatwolves the local DJs of the night. Really cool line up of local Djs.

Now this week is Friend or Foe’s album release. They had a listening party last week at Dada. Their album sounded really cool, as a matter of fact, it sounded very well. I already have a lot of thoughts about their album, but those will go on the review that’s coming soon. This week we will have a lot about Friend or Foe on Layabozi. Same day, at the same time Captain Weedo will be releasing the new album of his label Urban Waves. I’m very happy the Captain is back in town, it will be complicated to go from YuyinTang to Logo, and back. Teleportation! And before this on Thursday the Uprooted Sunshine will celebrate their sixth anniversary. Good times for all of them.

Next week will be pretty cool too, Boys Climbing Ropes are finally releasing their new album. It took them some extra time to get it done, but whatever, it’s finally done, and next Wednesday they will release it with a concert at YuyinTang. It’s actually Boys Climbing Ropes, and X is Y album, I’m much more into Boys Climbing Ropes music, but I’d like to be surprise by X is Y album. Then Duck Fight Goose will release their album on December 16th. On the electronic front, Shackelton is coming back to The Shelter to massage our bones with his bass vibrations. And yeah Mogwai, and etc.

Check the awesome photos by Squinzi, and I must say, be good to your machines, love them, and they will love you back ( … though, in case of more rebellions, I’ll start to produce a global frisbee party on the balconies of Gaia).

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