Conrank and Dj Shadow “Exhale Therapy”


Conrank tells the story, “a guy called Bleep Bloop heard my music, he is a friend of Shadow and sent him my music. Shadow really liked it, he started to playing my tracks out. Then he followed me on Twitter, and I contacted him and I told him I was a big fan of him, he is a really nice dude. We started chatting a lot exchanging music. And then one day I just told him ‘Hey man, let’s do a track together’, and he said ‘I’m super busy, but I’d love to do one with you.’ And I waited and we tried to figure it out, and in the end it happened. I sent him the basic stems of a track I had, and he took those and made something extra for it. We kept going back and forward, and in the end yeah… ‘Exhale Therapy.’ So yeah, he is the nicest dude in the world, he was so hummble, so nice, so excited about making music, and obviously I was also mad excited about making music with him, so it was an awesome experience.”

You will feel the vibe of the track has a strong Conrank signature in it, and as he said “the original idea came from me, it’s hard to say he did this and I did that, the original idea with the whistle came from me, and then he brought what he felt he could bring that added to the track.” The rest is the result of the sonic ping pong that the two artist played through various emails.

The track was released officially as part of the album Exhale Therapy last September 30th under the label Saturate Records. And just few days ago the video for the track was released, it was directed by Alessio Avezzano with animations by Alex Major.

[Youtube video]

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