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Yesterday was the release of the second single and video of The Next Day, the much expected new album of David Bowie the glorious. “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” is a step closer than “The Next Day” to those sounds that are so Bowie’s; pop rock that doesn’t know cliches happen somewhere else, music that connect us all.

Incidentally, perhaps, “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” is a song about the life of the stars, and the life of common people. The theme could recall thoughts of those who think of themselves as stars, and those that think much about those that are popular. Also, it could make smile all those who know that people are people, and we are all made of stardust. From many different stars for sure, and maybe Bowie’s composition certainly includes dust from a very artistic star.

The video for “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” was directed by Floria Segismundi who also directed Bowie’s “Little Wonder” and “Dead Man Walking”, and many others’ including Amon Tobin, Bjork, Jack White’s bands, Tricky, and more. Segismundi mixes aesthetics from the 70s and the 80s with the present to show two parallel worlds colliding in a Bowie-fantasy.

“The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” features Tilda Swinton, Andrej Pejic, and Bowie. The video emphasizes the similarities of Swinton and Pejic with some of Bowie’s most popular looks, all images that recall so many saved pictures we all have in our minds. A young glam Bowie that is not him, but it is, challenges the healthy life of the old actual normal Bowie. The fantasy of shiny rock stars meeting the reality of a simple couple. The glam of old rock  meeting the low profile vibe of current indie. All our feelings associated to these images we have saved for years of exposure to music and popular culture emerged to the surface to find out that Bowie is actually a human earthling.

The Next Day will be release on March 11th.

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