Rebuilding the Right of Statues "Hang the Police"

Rebuilding the Right of Statues (aka Re-TRoS) are made up of 华东 Hua Dong, ex drummer of P.K. 14, on guitar and vocals, 刘敏 (Liu Min) on bass and vocals, and 马晖 (Ma Hui) on drums. These guys have been together since 2003, toured China and the U.S.A, published two EPs, and now they are touring China again for the release of their first LP on Modern Sky Records: Watch Out! Climate has Changed, Fat Mum Rises…

Re-TRoS will be at YuYinTang on April 18th for the penultimate date of the tour. To begin to warm up for that day, check out this video made for “Hang the Police” off their EP Cut Off!

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