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Having had a number of metal and punk bands on this introduction column, it is time for another change in genre and here we are presenting you with Chinese Hip Hop: Yin Ts’ang.

Yin Ts’ang was founded in late 2000 when MC Webber (PRC) and Foenix XIV (USA) met and discovered they had a mutual interest in promoting hip-hop culture. Over the next year Yin Ts’ang inundated Beijing’s established party spots with live freestyle sessions bringing the hip-hop movements music and culture to an eager audience. In early 2001, they took their freestyles to paper and started writing songs over commercial beats. Due to a lack of formal production training and a severe shortage of qualified urban producers in Beijing the team went to work learning how to create beats while employing the services of ex-Juliana’s Dj “Herbie” to co-write and produce the tunes. Later that same year Yin Ts’ang recruited a Chinese-Canadian rapper from Toronto, Sbazzo, and an Irish-American rapper from Chicago, Heff and in late 2003, Scream Records released their first CD, Yin Ts’ang , For the People, featuring the hit single “Welcome to Beijing”.



Yin Ts’ang has come a long way since 2003 and “Zai Beijing” and they are commonly recognized as the best Chinese hip hop group. Here are a few videos and songs of them:

Youtube Video


Youku Video


Youtube Videos




Find further information on Yin Ts’ang page on Rock In China, and more hip hop artists on Rock In China page for hip hop.



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