The Greatest Video You’ve Ever Seen 019: Now With 100% More Dominos!

OK, so ostensibly this is a column about music videos, right? It’s a music website and we need to keep up the rigid decorum that Layabozi has come to be known for. So let’s get this out of the way quickly, right?

“Starry Starry Night” is a song by Don McLean, about Vincent Van Gogh and his famous landscape. This video sets the song to a deluge of Van Gogh’s paintings.

[Youtube video]



Let’s break this thing down:

0:03 – There it is, “Starry Night”. Beautiful painting, right? And the song is pretty nice, too? Don McLean’s got a great voice. What a songwriter.

0:07 – OK, now turn that shit the fuck off.

Now turn this the fuck on.

[Youtube Video]



{Mind blown}


{Watching again}

{Brain cells toppled like so many dominos}

{Watching again}

{And yet again}

{Still watching}

{Composing self}

{Collecting thoughts}

{Watching once more}


That vid is crazy, no? I mean, 7,000 dominos and over 11 hours! I think the best part about it is that he set it all up the first time, doesn’t even know how long it took him, and then, as he’s about to film the whole shebang, a screw falls off his tripod and scuppers the whole operation. HOW PISSED WOULD YOU BE?!?!?

But then he picks up his dominos, dusts them off, and is able to complete the work of art in another 11 hours, set it in motion, and record only two fails (areas where the dominos failed to fall.)

This video is a triumph of the human spirit over adversity, a tribute to the work of Vincent Van Gogh (that one-eared loon), and a testament to what one really bored guy with lots of dominos, camera equipment, and time can do.

This video was a win for us all!

And there was actually music in the background, so I didn’t really cheat, right?

Just for good measure, let’s check this classic song from 1993 out. It’s “Ghetto Jam” by, you guessed it, Domino.

[Youtube Video]


This has been The Greatest Video You’ve Ever Seen. DOMINO, motherfucker!




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