The Greatest Video You’ve Ever Seen 021: Feistodon

Just found out that Feist and Mastodon did a split 7” for the last Record Store Day. Feist, the kinda bleak/kinda folksy Canadian songstress, and Mastodon, the arty heavy metal band from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, traded songs to cover and released them on limited-edition wax, under the title Feistodon.

Apparently, this record sold out, like, instantly. Like somebody just whispered that it happened and then Poof! They were all gone.

How did this escape me? Maybe I was distracted by all the conspicuous things The Flaming Lips did or just coming down from a hellacious 4/20. Maybe I just should have asked Sacco.

Sacco, if you got any of these Feistodon splits, I’m coming for ‘em. I don’t care if I don’t have a record player or that you’ve been keeping them down your pants since April and you don’t change your decorative boxer brief thongs very regularly. They’re mine.

I am insanely territorial about this rare collaboration mainly because one of the videos that has surfaced, as the tracks are now finally being released digitally (Thank fucking GOD. What are we, savages?), fits the committee’s stringent criteria for selecting the nominees, whittled to a few choice cuts, which are eventually pared down to The Greatest Video You’ve Ever Seen, which emerges triumphantly into the sun and is screened privately by the Supreme Leader of North Korea, who is an expert at Looking at Things.

Real talk, Kim Jong Un watched this video personally, immediately before joyously consummating his recent marriage.

However, there are also other reasons why I like this video.

Like Mastodon. They make me feel like my dick is longer than three centimeters completely erect when I listen to them (which it’s not). I don’t have a favorite Mastodon song or album, but every time I hear them I’m like “This is some damn fine metal.” Also: “Now I’m going to go skull fuck a fossil exhibit from the Natural History Museum’s Diorama Section on Life in the Paleolithic.”

It’s that kind of music. For me, anyway.

You know why else I like this collaboration? The protagonist in the video is portrayed by none other than Feist, one half of Feistodon, but also the star of one of my young son’s favorite Sesame Street videos on Youtube. I can tell he likes it because he stops throwing his breakfast mush around for two minutes when I play it. The committee smiles on those types of videos, the anti-mush throwing kind.

I’m a little worried about Feist, though. It seems like she may be having what some people call “anger issues.” I hope the destructive behavior displayed in this video is her method of coping with said anger (constructive), rather than a petulant outburst directed at the fine people who make violins and tea sets (destructive).

Feistodon, “A Commotion”

[Youtube video]

Feist, “1,2,3,4” (Sesame Street Edition)

[Youtube video]

Also, if you’re curious, here’s Feist’s cover of the Mastodon song “Black Tongue”. It’s the song only, though. No video, unfortunately.

[Youtube video]

I’ve got bonus videos for you today, also.

This first one is from a group of little after school program kids from Minnesota who created the greatest snack-related video of all time. They are truly on top of the snack game. I was going to break this one down for you, but it has already been masterfully dissected by Rembert Browne.

So just check out one of the best videos you’ll ever see and bask in the glow of “The Mystikal Kid” (#5).

Finally, a remix video of the Sir Mix-a-lot classic joint “Baby Got Back” made entirely from movie clips?

Yes, please.


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